The Official Blueprint to Minimalist Web Design in Oklahoma City

May 31, 2022 | Web design

Because of its visual appeal, minimalism is one of the most popular trends for web design in Oklahoma City. If you are interested in a minimalist website for your business, here are a few things to keep in mind.


Before Starting Your Web Design in Oklahoma City.

Your minimalist website design in Oklahoma City needs to work for your branding and your target audience. Remember that “minimalist” does not mean “non-specific” or “vague.” Your website should still include your personality and highlight unique aspects of your brand.

The ideal level of minimalism depends on your website’s audience. If it is for users who are not very familiar with technology, it may need more descriptive text. If it is for technologically-adept web OKC users, being too descriptive may be off-putting. When you understand your brand and audience, you can create a minimalist design that works for both.


Keep Clutter to a Minimum.

Busy websites are difficult to navigate and cause slow load times, so the first step of minimalist design is getting rid of things you do not need. This creates room for whitespace, which helps users navigate the website and better understand information.


Avoid Unnecessary Content.

To create clarity and organization, you have to be willing to cut content. For example, you may trim down an explanation of a service your business no longer focuses on. It may also involve removing extra photos from your homepage, so users do not have to scroll to find essential information.

When condensing content, you need to do more than go through individual pages. Consider removing or combining pages that are repetitive or nearly empty. This makes your website easier to navigate, so people can quickly find information.


Everything Should Have a Purpose.

Because you are limiting pages and condensing the information on those pages, everything should have a purpose. Photos should not be random, they should show your personality and communicate your message. Text should not be generic, it should show what sets your brand apart.

Focusing on purposeful content does not mean that you have to remove all decorative elements. Helpful graphics, quality photos, and subtle backgrounds draw people in and keep them interested. Just make sure that details do not overpower the page’s main purpose.

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Simplicity is Everything.

When filling your website design with content, try to keep it simple. For example, if your minimalist homepage features 1 graphic instead of 3, that does not mean that the single image should include 3 graphics’ worth of information.


Do Not Overdo It on Colors.

Minimalist designs can feel empty if you are used to busy websites, so you may consider adding several colors for visual interest. While this is flashier, it can also be distracting. However, this does not mean that you should avoid color entirely. Incorporating your logo colors into the design with the user experience and strict palette adherence in mind will help your minimalist website fit with other parts of your branding.


Use the Right Fonts.

With a visual hierarchy for content, the way that you present information is more important than ever. That is where your fonts come in. You do not need a new font for every section or page; if you use too many, they all lose their impact. Instead, choose a few fonts that fit the design and showcase your brand’s personality. Using a limited number of fonts, sizes, and stylings in a consistent and unified manner will simplify things, improving the overall experience.


Create Your Minimalist Website Design in Oklahoma City.

Whether you are redesigning your website or starting from scratch, a minimalist website can be an excellent asset for your business, and our web OKC team is ready to help. Get in touch to make your new website with myheartcreative.


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