Top Considerations When Building an E-Commerce Website Design in Oklahoma City

Sep 14, 2022 | E-Commerce

When creating your website design in Oklahoma City, remember that people like convenience. If your brand specializes in specific products, you can provide that much-needed convenience through an E-Commerce website. Of course, it is essential to utilize E-Commerce capabilities in the right way.


3 Essential Considerations for Your E-Commerce Web Design in Oklahoma City.

A lot goes into creating a web design in Oklahoma City that effectively boosts your success. Focusing on these top 3 E-Commerce considerations can help you start on the right path:


1. Selecting the Right Platform

Before you can incorporate E-Commerce into your web OKC design, you must select the right platform to contribute to your success. As you research platforms, consider your budget, the goals you have for your website, and the nature of your business. An E-Commerce platform that works for these criteria will meet your needs and support your potential for growth. On the other hand, the wrong platform may cost you customers due to issues like slow load times or website crashes.


2. Creating an Impressive Web OKC Design

The right platform is the perfect foundation for a great website design. As with any design, when creating your E-Commerce website, make sure to:

  • Focus On Simplicity: your website should share content in a way that is easy to understand and navigate.
  • Prioritize Your Branding: a beautiful website will not take you far if users do not immediately recognize it as yours.
  • Use Quality Content: before adding text, photos, or graphics, make sure that it shares the right message.
  • Keep It Scannable: headers, whitespace, and other visual “breaks” may seem minor, but they are essential.




3. Focusing on User Experience

While great designs appeal to users, much more goes into their experience. When creating an E-Commerce website design, consider:

  • Mobile Friendliness: there is a strong chance that a website user is on a phone or tablet. To meet the needs of all users, it is essential that every aspect of your website is mobile-friendly.
  • Load Times: page speed may impact a user’s purchasing decision. Before adding large files, third-party plugins, or other significant components, consider whether they will weigh down your website.
  • Checkout Process: this experience can make or break your sales. Improve results by simplifying the process; for example, limit form fields, focus on ease of navigation, and allow order modifications.


Create Your E-Commerce Website Design in Oklahoma City.

Our team knows that a successful website will do more than look good – it will perform well for you and your customers. Because of this, we consider which design styles, functionalities, and plugins will work best for your specific brand and target audience. For our E-Commerce websites, we utilize WooCommerce. Your website will benefit from:

  • Secure Payments: WooCommerce easily integrates with various popular payment gateways.
  • Simple Management: products and inventory are easily managed through the dashboard or app.
  • Shipping Capabilities: the dashboard is a convenient place to handle order details, including shipping.
  • Customer Rewards: coupon codes are easily added to WooCommerce, appealing to your customers.
  • Email Marketing: your store conveniently allows customers to sign up for promotions and newsletters.

In addition to training you on how to use WooCommerce, our team will provide ongoing support so your website will boost your success in the long term. Get in touch to create your new E-Commerce website with myheartcreative.


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