The myheartcreative team had the opportunity to collaborate on a styled Oklahoma wedding photoshoot with Rose Briar Place. The stunning location was the ideal setting for our stylish and unique couple. The Wild Mother made our vision complete by providing beautiful flowers.

Our models followed two wedding traditions. The bride wore one white dress in conventional Western style. Her red wedding dress, however, is a custom from Nigeria. Together, these dresses represent their embrace of both cultures and traditions.



The Bride and Groom’s Rooms were charming places to take photos. Thanks to the decor, our beautiful bride, and handsome groom, we had amazing pictures before our models were finished getting ready.




The classic chapel at Rose Briar was perfect for showing off two individual styles in one shoot. The couple stands out against the dark wood in the background. The beauty of this timeless interior made a lovely ambiance. Meanwhile, the love and devotion this couple has for each other shone throughout our pictures.



The established trees and well-maintained grounds created a magical, romantic setting. You can easily see the affection that our models have for one another. The images of the two among the trees are captivating.




The Wild Mother’s flowers looked perfect with each dress. The neutral colors in the bouquet mixed with brighter pinks and reds are eye-catching and complement the stunning beauty of the bride, her dresses, and the setting.



We are honored to have been part of this very special photoshoot and to have collaborated with such incredible partners. If you have any questions about a photoshoot in Oklahoma, please contact us. Whether you need a wedding, bridal, family, maternity, or newborn photography, our team is ready to help you capture every precious moment.

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