CMS Training

We’ll train you on all the tools included with your website.

Oklahoma Web Design Studio
When it’s time to build out the pages of your website, we assist you in two main ways.

  • We can write your content for you.
  • We give you a personal training on how to use your CMS!

Why do we do this? Not because we don’t want to update your website. We have clients who’ve hired us to manage their website and social media – and yes, we’re good at this.


When you’re trained on how to use your CMS, however, there is no middle man. You log in and make the changes necessary to keep your website updated, growing, and communicating directly to your customers.

We like to spend about an hour together going over the main functions of your CMS. Once you are trained and making updates, we schedule a 30-minute follow-up consultation to answer any questions you may have.


As a partner, we go the extra mile to provide clients with the support they need. Our Oklahoma website design and hosting come with the following:

  • Support time
  • Training blogs and videos

We also make ourselves available to answer emails and calls. Our personalized support is ideal for business people who prefer a hands-on approach and need a partner with a strong work ethic.


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