OKC Video Company

Video production OKC is a creative way to share your message.

You might not think of myheartcreative as an OKC video company, but as a full-service Oklahoma City design studio, our purpose is to present your message to the public, which includes custom videos through our video production OKC services.​

From scriptwriting to filming, we have industry experts ready to bring your vision to life for Oklahoma video production or video production Dallas. Whether you need a television ad or a promotional video, see what our video production OKC team can do for you. View our video portfolio.

What types of videos do you offer?

We provide professional, video production OKC for weddings, commercial advertising projects, and for family gatherings. Commercial clients hire myheartcreative to prepare everything from the storyboard creative to script writing to the final mastering and delivery of final cut videos. Our videos have been aired on television, shared on social media, and even placed as backgrounds on our OKC web designs.  

As a video production OKC company do you travel out of state for commercial video filming?

Yes, we do travel out of state for commercial video filming including video production Dallas. Our video production OKC is finalized in our studio.

If I have the footage can you create a final video for me?

Yes. If you have the rights to your footage or B-roll, we can bring the clips together and create a final project for you. We can add transitions, music, title graphics, and even voice-overs. We have done this for commercial clients who filmed out of state and delivered their footage for production work.

What are the best times of the day for filming outside?

The best times of the day for filming outside are sunrise and sunset. These times of the day have the best lighting and will tremendously improve the quality of your outdoor video.

What is a voice-over?

A voice-over is a recording of a voice outside of the actual filming placed over the video footage. This can be done for a narrator style video or advertising videos. Voice-overs help bring the creative message through the video and can add deeper storytelling as the voice style itself plays a role in the final feel of the video.

What is B-roll?

B-roll is additional footage captured to add to the primary video footage to add context and intercut the main shots for a more creative video production OKC style.

How much does a video project cost?

Video production OKC pricing varies depending on the project details. With video, it is best to work backward when looking at the actual cost of your project. First, we suggest you define the budge, which then allows us to work that amount as creatively as possible. If you’re looking to have a video created and you’re not sure what your budget is, another route to determine a video project cost can be finding a video you like. We can estimate your video costs based on the elements of the inspiration video such as music, lighting, voice-over, how many locations are filmed, and more.

What is animation vs. title graphics?

Animation is created by bringing characters and graphics to life with emotions, narratives, and expressions. Title graphics (a type of animation) are less complex elements that are included in your video. Both are not mutually exclusive and bring visual engagement to your video production OKC. Still, you’ll find title graphics or motion graphics (shapes, objects, logos, or text) in nearly all commercial videos because animation is much more involved and, therefore, more expensive to produce.

What is the process for creating a video?

Like any project at myheartcreative, we always start with a discovery meeting. We’ll plan together and discover what your video project is all about. From there, we will define the budget and scope. Once approved, we’ll start the pre-production phase, where we define the inspiration, mood, feeling, and more. Depending on the project, we deliver direction, samples, shot list, storyboards, scripts, and sometimes music (although this can also come later in the process) for client approval before starting production. Once we are finished filming, recording, gathering photos, and/or securing existing footage, we enter post-production where we create the final video, including a few passes for revisions before finishing the final mastering.

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