What Is the Future of Logo Design Dallas in 2022?

Feb 21, 2022 | Logo design

Logo design Dallas is an investment that you cannot overlook. This Dallas design work is the foundation of your brand, setting the tone for everything from your business cards and packaging to social media and signage. Always consider the longevity of your logo. However, it is important to have something that does not look old and dated.

Design trends change, but a well-made logo can handle minor updates to stay relevant. This is why so many companies refresh their branding over the years to match current trends without sacrificing the heart of their logo design.

Whether you are interested in creating a logo for a new business or refreshing what you already have, here are a few logo trends you might want to consider.

What Are Logo Design Dallas Trends?



mhc DoughBoyz logo

Ink-style or hand-drawn logos have a unique and charming style. The details and quality of these logos have a timeless appeal that blends traditional drawing techniques with modern technology. As you can see, the rustic, handmade look of DoughBoyz carries throughout the typography and the circular badge.



mhc soulfly2020 logo

Artists have always drawn inspiration from nature, but there has been a growing interest in nature recently. This trend is attractive when company leaders wish to develop a sense of relaxation for their customers. It is also popular imagery for rebranding. Logos inspired by nature can be clean and modern or have a more hand-drawn look like the Soulfly icon.


Black and White

mhc The Oil Butler logo

Classic black and white will never go out of style. In fact, we present every logo in black and white before finalizing a color palette so that our clients are not distracted by colors when choosing the design. The sophistication of a simple black and white communicates that a business intends to last. As you can see, The Oil Butler’s logo has a refined feeling.


Bright Colors

mhc Big Top Kettle Corn logo

If you want to make an immediate impact, vivid colors may be the way to go. Bright, colorful logos are ideal if you’re going to communicate that your brand has a fun side while still being professional. For example, the logo for Big Top Kettle Corn is bright and playful, but every aspect of it is finished to perfection.



mhc Whitco logo

Geometric shapes are always part of creating an image. In this trend, the shapes remain in the logo rather than being smoothed out. While the image above is a concrete mixer made of two trapezoids and a rectangle, the minimalist style that these shapes create gives a different take on the logo, developing visual interest.



mhc logo horz in time on time

Adding a gradient to a logo will automatically give depth to the design. For a gradient to be effective, subtlety is key. The transition in the colors must be flawless. The In Time on Time logo seamlessly shifts from the lighter to darker red without a noticeable color change.

As a team of professional creatives, we work to stay ahead of current trends in design and create logos that our clients can use for years to come. If you are looking for a logo design Dallas that combines timeless design with modern trends, look no further. Our Dallas design team is ready.


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