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Page speed officially a ranking factor for Google as of July 2018.

Would you believe that 53% of users will leave your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load!? If your web page takes 10 seconds or longer, then you are definitely at a disadvantage. It should be no surprise that Google announced that site speed was a ranking factor within mobile search results started in July.

Google assured everyone that there will be exceptions for websites that provide relevant and high-quality content to users, but we can get you where you need to be.

Curious if you are up to speed? Try Google’s “Test My Site” tool. This tool will tell you your site speed and also offer suggestions on how you can improve.

You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers: Q&A

Q&A on Google’s local searches and practical tips for using the Q&A

In August of 2017, Google starting implementing Questions and Answers (Q&A) as a feature for local map searches.

The thought process behind introducing the Q&A into local search is to maintain accurate and current data about different businesses, places, and experiences. Q&A has always been one of the best sources for getting fresh content.


This is a unique feature and communication tool, but be careful. Your competitors, or even just one dissatisfied customer/employee, can wreak havoc on the entire Q&A section.

Here’s what Google says:

  • “To make sure “Questions & Answers” contains the most accurate and useful local info possible, business owners can add frequently asked questions and answers as well. In addition, when you (a customer) ask a question about a place, we notify the business owner and other in-the-know users to see if they have knowledgeable answers to contribute. When your question is answered, we notify you too.”
  • You might want to start getting content for the Q&A section. Google has launched it recently, and it is hungry for that content. You can actually help your business by being early in the door on this trend.
  • When creating Q&A content, keep this in mind: One-word answers will not suffice! One word answers are easily manipulated because a user can just revise the question. Here is an example: if someone asked, “Do you provide kids’ menus?”, the easy answer would be “Yes”. But if the question were altered to say, “Have you ever failed a health inspection?”, you certainly don’t want a resounding “Yes” in the Answer section.
  • Rather than a simple “Yes,” try “Yes, we provide kids’ menus and strive to provide a family-friendly atmosphere during all meals. It never hurts to reiterate positive messages that will help build relationships with clients skimming through. As an Oklahoma web design studio,
    myheartcreative is experienced in creating content and always ready to help you with yours.

Google now allows editing business listings directly from the search results.

Are you a verified business in Google My Business? If so, you can now update your business info directly from the Google search engine page… so long as you are logged into your My Business Account.

Want to know how? Just type your business name in the Google search box, and you will see a menu right above the search results. When you click the edit info button, you will see the editable fields highlighted. Upload photos, see the number of views, check and respond to reviews, and even review site metrics from any device!

This is a novel concept on Google’s part to create a win-win situation for everyone by allowing business owners to provide accurate content in a simple, efficient, and easy to use way. To provide accurate and updated information to the users, Google heavily relies on the business owners. Google knows that if they want valuable content for free, they have to make the process straightforward. Isn’t winning fun?!


myheartcreative tips for your responsive website

Mobile usage has surpassed desktop searches since 2015, and that number is still growing. The way we access the web has changed significantly. As business owners, we need to keep our websites responsive, engaging, interactive, and user-friendly to keep up! This is where the fine details come into play;
myheartcreative is here to fine-tune those details with you, in the meantime, here are some tips:

1. Use the correct images

Images matter in this fast-paced game. It’s crucial to use quality images with the correct resolution for your website. There are several ways to accomplish this, and
myheartcreative is ready to help you perfect your images.

2. Speed matters

Like we said earlier, you will lose clients if your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load. We can help you analyze your site and get it to its optimum speed!

3. JUST SAY NO to lengthy and tedious forms

If people can’t wait more than 3 seconds for a page to load, do you think they will be patient enough to fill out a lengthy comment form? Just keep it simple: Name, Email Address, and Question/Comment should cover it.

4. Mobile users are people too

Don’t let your responsive design stop on the big screen. Ensuring your mobile site is easy to navigate and user-friendly for screen tapping and typing will put you ahead of the competition.

myheartcreative would love to help you build the website of your dreams and optimize your search engine results.

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