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Jan 30, 2020 | Graphic Design Oklahoma, Graphic Designer Oklahoma, Logo design, Oklahoma Design Company

Before beginning an web design in Oklahoma city project, it is essential to have a clear brand, which starts with the logo. A logo needs to convey an organization’s mission and appeal to the desired demographic in a single image. The process is challenging but enjoyable.

Lately, we have had the pleasure of creating and updating logos for some of our clients.

OSLS – Logo Refresh

We have had the pleasure of working with the Oklahoma Society of Land Surveyors (OSLS) for some time now. This nonprofit promotes the surveying profession in Oklahoma.

Logo Design OKC

The organization recently needed to update their old logo to give it a cleaner, more modern feel while keeping the elements that are important to surveying. While the new look is very different, it shows respect to the history of the organization.

We kept and updated the compass rose, grid, and transit from the original design, leaving no doubt about the industry OSLS represents.


The International Society of Reproductive Psychiatry is a new organization that focuses on bringing awareness, collaboration, and education to the field of reproductive psychiatry.

Logo Design Oklahoma

As an international organization, the logo must communicate clearly. The softness of the icon integrates beautifully with the text, creating a compelling image that will capture attention. The artistic styling of the female form represents the thoughtful and comprehensive approach ISRP encourages.

Willow Youth

Willow Youth Mental Health provides psychiatric services to children and adolescents. The logo was created with parents and their children in mind. The lowercase “willow youth” has a playful and casual look, which is paired with the clean all capitalized “MENTAL HEALTH”. The blending of these two typography choices brings together an approachable and professional logo. The leafy icon is a play on the name, creating a flexible and memorable icon.

Logo Design OKC

If you want more information on this design process, please watch our video.


Trig-Star is a competitive program sponsored by the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS). They work to draw more students to math, particularly trigonometry, and show its real-world applications, such as surveying.

OKC Logo Design

This fun logo project was created to attract teachers, students, and the community. The star integrates the name and the pentagon around it incorporating mathematics into the icon in a nontraditional way.

We went on to create websites for Trig-Star, Willow Youth, and ISRP, keeping their online branding consistent. We are thrilled to have clients who give us such fantastic creative opportunities.

If you have any needs for logo design OKC, please reach out, or contact us about our other services if you already have a quality logo. Our team is always happy to bring a brand to life.


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