Why Is Search Intent Important in Oklahoma SEO?

Apr 25, 2022 | SEO

Oklahoma SEO is an essential part of your Oklahoma marketing campaign. Before you begin SEO or any other digital marketing OKC, make sure that you understand your audience’s search intent. As Google algorithms continue to change and develop, user experience is dominating rankings. Google evaluates the intent of a user just as much as the keywords.


What Is Search Intent in Oklahoma SEO?

In SEO Oklahoma marketing, search intent is the reason why a user is searching a keyword. Generally, there are four main intentions behind an internet search.


1. Information

The internet is now our primary source of information. When we need to know something, we look it up online. It may be “how to make sugar cookies” or “what is digital marketing OKC?”. The list goes on. People who need knowledge about a topic have informational search intent.


2. Navigation

Sometimes people know where they want to go, but they do not know exactly how to find it. People may search for a particular brand, video, content creator, etc. With navigational intent, people typically need to search because they do not know the URL they need.


3. Transaction

Of course, shopping online is continually growing. However, even when people shop in person, they will often research companies and products before they make a trip. Transactional intent indicates a user wishes to purchase a specific item. Whether looking for “Sony televisions on sale” or “types of iPads,” the purpose is clearly to make a purchase.


4. Commercial

Commercial intent is unique because it blends information and transaction. For example, someone looking up “best selling books for children” will have an idea about what they want to buy, but they have yet to make up their mind. They are looking for information to help them make their final decision.


Digital Marketing OKC and Search Intent

Remember that Google wants to bring people to pages that offer them what they are looking for online. Someone researching sugar cookie recipes will want to find recipes and information. Someone who does not feel like baking will prefer to find local bakeries. Understanding search intent helps in creating content to reach your target audience.

Oklahoma marketing needs to do more than bring people to your website; it should encourage action. By using search intent, you can drive traffic to achieve different goals. Whether you are growing your domain authority with informational content, selling items, or expanding your audience, the search intent matters.


Why Work with Professionals?

Effective search engine optimization is a time-consuming process that requires quite a bit of research and strategy. In fact, it takes several people to make a successful SEO campaign. It takes a team to get the job done, from staying on top of Google’s constantly changing algorithms to the keywords and content creation.

At myheartcreative, we combine all of our strengths to create Oklahoma SEO campaigns that see results. If you have any questions about SEO or any of our other services, please reach out. We are happy to meet with you and discuss how we can help you reach your goals.


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