Why Light is Important in Oklahoma Photography

Nov 5, 2019 | Oklahoma Photography, OKC Photographer, Photography, Tips

Writing the Light

Light is the most important thing about photography, without it, we wouldn’t have anything to work with. It would be like trying to paint without the paint. When we break down the word photography to its original Greek root, it is “photo” meaning light and “graph” meaning to write. The camera translates the light it captures into the photos we see.

If the subject isn’t lit properly, it will not show the details you want. Take this photo for example:


The subject is overpowered by shadows, and the light is lacking in the details.

The opposite can be a problem as well. Take a look at this photo:


If the sensor captures too much light, the information the camera sees is limited, and the subject can be blown out or overexposed.

At myheartcreative, we know the ins and outs of a camera. How do we get the perfect photo every time? We use the in-camera light meter and our knowledge of light to determine the perfect lighting for your subject. Taking these things into account brings the ideal balance of light and shadow to the subject showing off the details in harmony.


Styling the Light

Lighting is good, not only for capturing the subject but for setting the mood of a shot as well. If you want a photo to have a very happy and uplifting feeling to it, you will want your light to be bright, airy, and soft. For a more dramatic feel, set your lighting to a darker setting while still lighting the subject correctly. This gives the photo a moodier feeling and brings in the drama you want within the picture.


Timing the Light

We are very adamant about shooting photos in the perfect light. The golden hour is what photographers aim for, and there is a very valid reason for this. Lighting can either make or break a photo session. If you want your family or subject lit in the best natural light, we must shoot in the morning during sunrise or in the evening during sunset. An hour to thirty minutes after and before, is the golden hour, which means the light is bouncing off the atoms in the atmosphere to create a “golden” or reddish, orange glow in the sky.


No matter the look or feel you would like to see in your photographs, myheartcreative’s OKC photographers will use lighting to deliver beautiful images for your business or your family. We strive to go above and beyond for our clients. Let’s get together and take some photos!

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