26 Harmonious Logo Color Combinations

Aug 23, 2022 | Logo design

When someone thinks of your brand, the first thing to come to mind will likely be your logo design OKC. As such, every part of the design needs to accurately represent your business’s services and values while also encouraging positive feelings toward your brand. Because colors have a unique effect on people, choosing a harmonious color combination is an integral part of logo design.


Color Combinations for Your Logo Design OKC

There are nearly endless color palette possibilities for your graphic design OKC. Here are 26 harmonious color combinations that can help you determine the best palette for your brand.


Analogous Colors

Analogous Colors 1

Your logo may have an analogous color scheme. These designs have two or more colors next to each other on the color wheel. Popular analogous color combinations include:

1. Yellow and green
2. Green and blue
3. Blue and purple
4. Purple and red
5. Red and orange
6. Orange and yellow

Within the analogous color group, your designer can create more combinations by mixing colors. For example, your logo design may feature:

7. Yellow-green, green, and teal
8. Orange, red-orange, and red

Your designer can further customize these colors by using hues (lighter versions) and shades (darker versions). As such, your logo’s palette may be:

9. Light orange and light yellow
10. Dark purple and ruby
11. Sage and navy


Complementary Colors

Complementary Colors 1

Your logo may have a complementary color scheme. These designs include two colors that are opposites on the wheel. Some of the most popular complementary combinations are:

12. Blue and orange
13. Purple and yellow
14. Green and red

As with analogous colors, more combinations are created by mixing colors. For example, your logo design may feature:

15. Red-orange and teal
16. Yellow-green and red-violet

Your logo designer may also use different shades and hues to create a harmonious color combination for your brand. Popular color palettes include:

17. Light green and pink
18. Navy and deep orange
19. Light purple and gold

If you are interested in using many colors in your logo, your designer may use a tetradic color palette. These logos feature two sets of complementary colors, such as:

20. Red, green, blue-purple, and yellow-orange
21. Yellow, purple, blue-green, and red-orange


Triadic Colors

If you want a logo to feature three colors that are not analogous, your designer may use a triadic color scheme. These designs feature three colors that are equally spaced apart on the color wheel. Harmonious triadic color combinations include:

22. Blue, yellow, and red
23. Purple, green, and orange

Your designer may mix colors or incorporate various shades and hues to create the ideal triadic color palette for your logo design.


More Harmonious Color Combinations

Color Combinations 1

Depending on your brand, target audience, and preferred style, your logo designer may use one of the following combinations to create a harmonious design:

24. One-color designs use only one color with no variations for a strong effect.
25. Monochromatic logos feature two or more hues or shades of one color.
26. Black and white logo designs make a strong impact through their simple palettes.


Your Graphic Design OKC Team

At myheartcreative, we specialize in designing custom logos that represent unique brands. While logo colors are important, we know that much more goes into creating a standout, long-lasting design. To ensure that your logo gets your message across in any format, we start each design in black and white. We will not move into colors until this version accurately represents your brand. Contact myheartcreative to learn more about our logo design process.


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