5 Common Website Mistakes that Might Hurt Your Business

Apr 5, 2021 | Web design OKC, Oklahoma Web Design, Tips, Web design, WordPress

Whether your business is well-established or brand new, creating a website is an effective way to reach customers and promote growth. As OKC web design professionals, we know there are many things to keep in mind for your website to reach its full potential. Here are five mistakes to avoid for website design in Oklahoma City.

1. Choosing the Wrong Name

Your business’s name is more than a label; it helps determine how people view your business. The same is true for website and social media account names, especially because many customers will find you online.
When creating an OKC website, do not hesitate to purchase the perfect domain once you find it because it may soon be gone. Consider buying multiple similar domains to prevent other businesses from creating those websites, reducing customer confusion and competition.

bradybuilt.com name

Domain Names for Established Businesses

When creating a website for an established business, you may need to be creative with your domain based on availability. If your website does not have the same name as your business, it should still make sense so customers can find you; for example, you can include your city in the domain. If you feel that the names have to match, consider changing your business’s name to match your website’s.

Domain Names for New Businesses

If you are creating your OKC website and business simultaneously, research your preferred business name to ensure that it is not already used in your area before searching for its domain availability. If you find a good domain that does not fit your preferred business name, it can be easier to change your business’s name at this point.

Social Media Account Names

Social media allows your business to connect with your target audience. Make sure that your account names match or relate to your business name. If you have not created the accounts yet, consider available social media account names when choosing your domain.

2. Using Personal Email Addresses

When you have a good domain, you should utilize it. One effective way to do so is through customized email addresses. For example, instead of customers reaching you at “yourbusiness”@gmail.com, they can contact you at [email protected]”yourbusiness”.com. While a regular email address does the same work as a customized one, this simple step helps show that you are a reliable business.

3. Not Making Content a Priority

Prioritizing content is essential in OKC web design. People go to your website to see your information; how you organize that information can significantly impact user experience, affecting how they view your business.

Determining the homepage content is one of the most important decisions to make. This page should have enough content to accurately and understandably share your key information, but overfilling it will have the opposite effect.


Too Much Content

It is easy to add too much content to pages, which makes refining and sorting your content an essential part of web design in Oklahoma City. Overloading pages with text, images, and other media prevents users from quickly getting the information they need, and they may leave.

Too Little Content

A clean design is great for user experience, so you may try to avoid adding too much text, images, and other media. Going too far with this leads to a lack of needed information and a frustrating user experience. Highly limiting page content can cause you to create more pages than necessary to share all essential information, making navigation confusing.

4. Helping Users Leave Your Website

While your own content is a top priority, sharing content from outside sources in the right way is also important to web design in Oklahoma City. Setting up external links to open in new tabs is a simple way to improve user experience. By using a new tab, users can view the external content and still easily return to your website by switching tabs or closing the new one.

5. Dropping the Ball on Forms

Forms allow for efficient communication with customers. If you take the time to add this helpful tool, you need to check it regularly. Not keeping an eye on forms and not promptly responding to them will lead to losing customers. As an extra precaution, periodically download the entries. Check out our how-to guide for information on checking and exporting forms.

While these are just a few things to keep in mind, there are many more factors to consider when creating a website. At myheartcreative, we know website design in Oklahoma City, and we would love to help you create your perfect website.


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