5 Surefire Ways To Successfully Brand Your Business

Nov 16, 2015 | Advertising, Content Marketing, Content Writing, Logo design, Social Media, Web design, Websites

Branding your business is more than just creating a name and a concept. Sometimes it’s hard to be super-savvy in this day and age when it comes to the total business package. From logos to slogans, advertising and social media, myheartcreative has some pretty sweet ways to help you successfully brand your business for surefire success.

Logo Design

Your logo is the first thing clients and potential clients see when they approach or think of your business. Your logo design is the key to being memorable and making a mark in your industry. Logo design is also a unique way to convey your brand with art. At myheartcreative we design for the big picture.

Myheartcreative starts with framework of your logo using graphic design and typography for a totally cohesive fit. Once we nail the structure of your logo, we like to help you choose colors to suit your brand image, and can even create brand books to help you realize the full potential of your brand.

VocoPix logo design

Business Slogans

Branding also extends to creating a killer business slogan or amazing tagline. This tells potential clients exactly what you intend to do in just one simple, but unique sentence. Myheartcreative takes great pride in helping our clients concept slogans, taglines for posters, and creative copy for a successful branding. We can also help you name materials like fabrics, tiles, and other merchandise for a tactful and creative way to attract clients or boost sales.

OSU OKC ReEnrollment Postcard design


Advertising can be tricky. You want your brand to have an identity, so identity design is just as important as color, photography, your logo, and the content creation for your specific business.

This is why all of our clients at myheartcreative meet directly with our Creative Director on every project. We are committed to being easily accessible, engaging, and invested in your project, so you get exactly what you want–even if it’s something simple, eloquent and to the point that just tells clients who you are!

balance womens healthy billboard design

Social Media

Creating a solid social media presence isn’t just about being on social media. Professional writing services combined with a content management system can really get your business booming. These days it’s about word of mouth, but that word most often comes from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and whatever is popular on snapchat or Pinterest this week. Myheartcreative can help you create and manage a blog, as well as provide you with professional writing services that can generate up to date keywords and hashtags for every kind of social media post to get everyone buzzing about your business.

Web Design

When it comes to web design myheartcreative has got you covered! Our recent post, Make Your Website Communicate For You, really gives you the low, down and dirty business on how to use your website as a communication tool. That’s just one of the many ways we can help you expand your business and reach new horizons. Check out myheartcreative for all your web design and content creation needs.

We’ll tackle your branding project with the same elbow grease and hard work it takes to build myheartcreative! Contact us to get started.


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