5 Ways To Outshine Your Competitors

Jan 18, 2016 | SEO, Local SEO, Oklahoma SEO Services

When it comes to slaying the competition there are some really amazing things you should be doing for your business. Forget about traditional advertising, what you’ve heard worked for someone you know, or what works for the competition. From SEO to understanding keywords, blogging, creative copy, design, and how to advertise in such a way that you slay social media–we’ve got you covered. Check out myheartcreative’s handy guide below on how to kill your competitors in just five easy steps.

The Ins and Outs of SEO

Search Engine Optimization. This is the stuff that gets your website, blog posts, and information to pop up first when someone simply “Googles” your type of business. The first way to slay the competition is to beat them in the internet search department. myheartcreative’s team of expert designers, web developers, illustrators, creative writers, and most importantly directors, will work with you one on one to make sure you kill the competition when it comes to your design, advertising, website, blog–whatever you need!

Blogging Needs & Creative Copy

Some businesses don’t understand the importance of being connected at least once or twice a week with their clients. This gains you even more connection with potential clients as the people you do reach share your innovative ideas, specific offers, and service on their own social media sites. myheartcreative’s writing team can make sure you look flawless in the creative and grammar department, while giving your company morale a little boost in advertising, blog posts, slogans and taglines.


Have you ever tried to download a design app for a simple project thinking you can do it yourself? Pinterest fail, huh? That’s where our creative director, graphic designers and illustrator come in handy. We work one on one with you until we nail it! Which means you’ll come off beautiful and polished in your online presence.

How to Advertise and Gain Social Media Attention

Some people will swear on their grandmother’s grave that they rose to social media fame just by posting positive memes everyday. That is so not true. While it’s part of it, you need to focus on ways to use social media to your advantage. People are constantly looking for something unique. That’s where myheartcreative comes in. We can brand your business in such a way, that you can still post your positive memes, but this time using your brand logo, website link, and social media links. That way you seem constantly connected to your clients, because people really love a one on one with the CEO. That’s also our philosophy at myheartcreative. People want to feel important, so making sure they can access you via social media is a great way to build a client base.

The Importance of Keywords

Using keywords that pop and really relate to your blog, article, pin, post or tweet content can really make a big difference. Plus, it doesn’t stop there. Keywords are of the utmost importance in hashtagging your social media posts, because that also helps you gain attention. That’s why myheartcreative believes in helping you go that extra mile in social media, creative copy, and web design. Hiring someone who knows what the top hashtag on twitter each and every hour of the day is gonna take you really far! Your company needs to trend, and myheartcreative’s creative writing experts are so social media savvy they’ll have your competition slayed in no time.

We’ll tackle any design, website, or creative project you have with the same elbow grease and hard work it takes to build myheartcreative! Contact us to get started.


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