Brand Design OKC


The word ‘design’ is derived from the Latin word ‘dēsignāre,’ which means “to mark out.”

Now think about everything you see and interact with that is ‘marked out’ and how it affects the quality of your life, from the way the traffic lights in your city are timed to the way your favorite website makes you feel to the make of your ring sling. All of these things are marked out as both the cause and effect of the way we live and interact with the world as both individuals and a collective society. Design determines much of the quality of our everyday existence.


And surely there is no place where things need to be marked out successfully than within a business’s graphic design. A company is almost nothing without a strong brand image to communicate its values. The core of a thoughtfully designed brand is an experience or emotional relationship that one has with the business. ‘Mark out’ clearly to your customers what you can offer and what they can expect from you. Graphic design and brand design OKC are inseparable. A thoughtfully designed visual identity – encompassing everything from logo design to website design to tagline – can set your businesses brand apart from competitors and encourage customer loyalty. Determining what, precisely, is your business’s brand story should be the first and most important part. The graphic design is next. myheartcreative will help you figure out which shapes, colors, website layout, and words are needed.