Graphic Design OKC

Brand design is important.

The word ‘design’ is derived from the Latin word ‘dēsignāre,’ which means “to mark out.”

Now think about everything you see and interact with something that is ‘marked out’ and how it affects the quality of your life, from the way the traffic lights in your city are timed to the way your favorite website makes you feel to the make of your ring sling. All of these things are marked out as both the cause and effect of the way we live and interact with the world as both individuals and a collective society. Design determines much of the quality of our everyday existence.


And surely there is no place where things need to be marked out successfully than within a business’s graphic design OKC and Dallas. A company is almost nothing without a strong brand image to communicate its values. The core of a thoughtfully designed brand is an experience or emotional relationship that one has with the business. ‘Mark out’ clearly to your customers what you can offer and what they can expect from you. Graphic design Dallas and brand design OKC are inseparable. A thoughtfully designed visual identity by myheartcreative – encompassing everything from logo design to website design to the tagline – can set your business’s brand apart from competitors and encourage customer loyalty. Determining what, precisely, is your business’s brand story should be the first and most important part. The graphic design OKC is next. myheartcreative will help you figure out which shapes, colors, website layout, and words are needed.

FAQS on Graphic Design OKC:

What are the different types of graphic design OKC you do? (ad, header, etc)

Our graphic design experts create brand visual identities, logo designs, web designs, digital advertising, print designs, business cards, postcards, brochures, billboard designs, product designs, mug designs, folder designs, envelopes, and t-shirt designs.

Can I use my digital marketing OKC ad designs for print advertising?

The simple answer is no. While consistency is great, from a digital design to a print advertisement, making sure your file is sized, colored, and prepped properly for the media you are using is extremely important to your piece’s success. If you use a digital ad for print, it will most likely be the wrong size for the publication running your ad, it will be blurry or pixelated, and it will not be set to print coloring.

What is a vector file? What is pixel based design?

A vector file is the preferred format for logo graphics. Vector is a type of digital graphic that allows your file to scale up and down with extreme clarity versus pixel-based graphics, which are most often used for photographs.

What is the difference between a social media post graphic design OKC and a social media profile graphic?

A social media post graphic is designed and sized to look great as an actual post on your social media feed or story. This is similar to the posts we all make on social media, but designed graphics or curated imagery by professionals. Social media profile graphics are designed for your profile. This includes your profile image, cover image, and or cover background video.

What is graphic design?

Graphic design OKC is communicative problem solving through visuals, type, photography, and design elements. Graphic design Dallas helps the world through road signs, maps, warning labels, phones, visual language, and more.

Can I have my design files?

We supply web design files when our clients request them per our web agreements, but we do not provide print design files for graphic design OKC. Design files are source files for graphic design and industry standard is to not provide these files to clients. We do provide high-quality, print-ready .pdf files if our clients wish to print their graphic design projects.

Can I use the images from my FB for my design project?

Facebook compresses images as they are uploaded, so they are not ideal for print and are even too small for many websites, thanks to retina display. Some photos you have uploaded and then downloaded from Facebook will work for small content areas on a website project, but they are often still too small and pixelated to look their best. We advise all of our clients whether print or digital to have a professional photoshoot with us, but if you are not doing a photoshoot with us, be sure to provide us with images straight from your phone versus Facebook.

Why work with our studio instead of a freelance graphic designer OKC?

There are many freelance graphic designer OKC options; however, they may not be able to provide all of the services that you get when working with our full-service studio. In addition to helping you with graphic design projects, we can work together to create branding guidelines and to incorporate your new designs into your website, marketing materials, and more.

What is the price for custom graphic design?

Whether you need a logo, website, or printed marketing materials, it is essential to work with a professional graphic designer who creates unique custom images and delivers high-quality files. A wide range of projects exist in the world of graphic design OKC, so the price for your custom graphic design depends on your specific project and the creative professionals needed to complete the job.

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