5 Ways Your Internet Experience is Changing

Nov 23, 2015 | Advertising, Oklahoma Web Design, SEO, Websites

Since Apple made ad blocking on mobile Safari an option on their iOS 9 launch, the publishing industry has been abuzz with how it will alter the existence of the internet as we know it. This option opens the door for millions of mobile users to begin blocking ads; a function that, until now, was largely exclusive to desktops. Some argue companies that rely heavily on revenue from advertising will see a significant impact on profits, which could (among other things) force them into a paid-subscription format for viewing their content. Others argue that technological growth is inevitable and it will force coming to a middle ground between excessive web advertising and the user, which is long overdue. Good or bad, one thing’s for sure, our internet experience is changing.

How ad blockers are changing the game:


1. Clean Viewing

Eliminating ads makes for a smoother and cleaner viewing experience for viewers. No auto-play videos, flashing lights or pop-ups to close out of; just good old-fashioned content. This also saves viewers precious time they would otherwise be spending closing out of ads.

2. Data usage

No ads means shorter page loading times and a significant reduction in expensive data usage. This, in turn, helps save the battery life of the viewing device. Imagine a world where you only have to charge your mobile device once a day; with ad blockers, it’s a possibility.

3. Privacy

Blocking ads also means blocking ad networks that track your browsing history. Have you ever noticed most of the ads you see are for goods and services you might be interested in? It’s no coincidence. These networks know everything you search for and, a lot of the times, they have access to your personal information as well. This creates major privacy issues that ad blockers eliminate.

4. Security

Not only do they invade your privacy, but ads could also contain malware, which is a significant security risk. Malware can come in the form of a virus, a worm or spyware and exists for the sole purpose of harming your computer. You think you’re clicking on an ad to save $2.00 on your next trip to the grocery store, but you end up giving a virus an in to crash your entire system. Having no ads greatly reduces your vulnerability to malware.

5. Technological Growth

The biggest way ad blockers are changing the online world is by encouraging technological growth. Whether you see them as good or bad, ad blockers aren’t going anywhere. This means publishers and advertising companies will have to adjust to the behavior of the average user. Most people are used to pulling up their browser and searching away, for free. What they fail to understand (or what companies fail to make clear) is that they’re agreeing to view their content for free in exchange for viewing ads that allow free to be possible. If these ads are blocked by a substantial amount of users, it will inevitably affect the amount of revenue generated by them. This could cripple many companies. At the same time, most viewers would be willing to view some ads that aren’t considered annoying and don’t increase page loading times. This means there’s a middle ground out there to be reached.

At myheartcreative, we like to focus on the positive aspect of technological growth. In the world of web design, we are constantly fine-tuning and adjusting our services to the advancements of technology and the needs of our clients. Our Oklahoma web design team is dedicated to helping your website design be an intentional, clear representation of your company and its values. We can help you take a closer look at your company’s branding and marketing effectiveness and help you make the necessary adjustments. The more you know about your viewers, the more successful your online presence will be.

Listen, you can spend thousands of dollars building a flashy website with flashy content and ads, but if the average viewer finds it annoying, it will end up costing you an immeasurable amount in potential revenue. In business, no matter the industry, the customer comes first. We can’t change the inherent way people use the internet. If they find something annoying or offensive, chances are they’re going to avoid viewing it. Thankfully, there’s a middle ground. Let us help you find yours.

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