An Intimate Look at the myheartcreative Logo

Sep 21, 2018 | Branding, Creative, Design, Logo design

A lot of thought and planning goes into creating a company’s logo. It is the visual representation of an organization and the most important aspect of any brand. Take the myheartcreative logo for example. The graphic design is clean and simple, so you might not realize how many elements went into its logo design. Every detail of the logo that now represents our Oklahoma design company was a conscious decision based on multiple factors.

an intimate look at the myheartcreative design studio


A logo design needs versatility. Keep in mind that you’ll be using it for various purposes, such as product tags, printed tee shirts, and business cards. Complications can arise due to changes in size and ink color that require the logo to be versatile.

myheartcreative logo buttons

The earlier version of our logo was naturally flexible, but we still chose to make modifications. The hexagon behind the heart initially had two colors  (light pink and dark red). This was difficult to include when the logo reversed out, so we refreshed the logo with a slight adjustment to make the hexagon into a solid red with the heart knocked out.

myheartcreative design studio badge

myheartcreative Vinod Samuel logo


A logo design must reflect an organization’s name. Our logo shows our name and what it means.

  • My – A sister organization, myfaithmark, inspired the “my” in myheartcreative. Due to this connection, we decided the name would be made up of three words, beginning with “my”.
  • Heart – The driving force behind our company is represented by the heart. We put our hearts into everything we do.
  • Creative – Ideas, art, production, and design all require creativity. Our team members are all creatives.

Intentionally Designed

myheartcreative logo icon play

myheartcreative’s logo has an intentional design. We build brands, products, and relationships. The blocks in our logo represent the building blocks of our company and what we do for our clients.

myheartcreative logo heart icon

Visit the portfolio to see our Oklahoma logo designs. If you need help with your logo design, contact myheartcreative, an Oklahoma web design company, today. We will take the time to get to know your organization and find the best way to represent your brand while sending your company’s message to the world.

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