Designing an annual report and updating a pop up banner design for an international trade organization dedicated to the baby carrier industry.



Baby Carrier Industry Alliance was formed in 2010 as a 501(c)(6) corporation. BCIA promotes standards across their industry, advances educational outreach, participates in research, and helps small businesses comply with standards. BCIA worked with myheartcreative to design their annual report and to improve the look and feel of their various marketing materials.


BCIA’s annual report design needed an updated look, to clearly communicate information from BCIA, and to accommodate advertisements throughout the print piece. The design concept was inspired by the BCIA’s logo icon and their branded colors. These elements were repeated in the report through various layouts. The light, open, and clean feel of the annual report was juxtaposed with two spreads full of color as well as color photos creating an overall visually engaging design from cover to cover.

A BCIA banner was also redesigned to reflect the new style established in the annual report. The new banner is easier to read, brighter, and has a bit of whimsy in the swirling lines that guide the eye and in the illustration near the website address. myheartcreative looks forward to more projects with the BCIA in the future.

bcia-cover bcia-spreadsbcia-front-coverbcia-cover-photosbcia-feedback  bcia-bottom-of-pagesbcia-expensesbcia-back  bcia_bannerbcia-illustration

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