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Oct 31, 2017 | Branding, Graphic Design Oklahoma, Marketing

In our personal life there are so many times to celebrate, when the opportunity arises in the professional arena, we should pause and really let it sink in! While awards aren’t necessary, they are most definitely worthy of celebration! myheartcreative’s friends and client OSU-OKC has been recognized by the Oklahoma College Public Relations Association (OCPRA) for its bright ideas to illuminate campus and clever graphic design campaign materials.

“The Oklahoma College Public Relations Association Awards Competition recognizes the best in contemporary communications from educational institutions — both public and private — throughout the State of Oklahoma.  This annual competition was created in 1992 by the OCPRA to reward achievement, recognize excellence and encourage a healthy competitive spirit by those who represent higher education to the public…”


Not only one but two awards were given to OSU-OKC for their marketing, branding, and design campaign work and we want to celebrate them! We want to shout it from the rooftops, but a blog will have to do until more rooftops become available.


The ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for Campaign was awarded to OSU-OKC for a variety of designs in their enrollment and branding campaign work completed in partnership with myheartcreative. It is such a joy to work with this beloved university and industry professionals on marketing campaigns and content creation.

The prestigious GRAND AWARD was also granted for their bright idea utilizing light pole banners and simultaneous brand recognition with their school logo design! Not only did this bright idea capture the creative spirit but the identity design of the University as well. The ideas work hand in hand to brighten campus and create a unified school ground filled with pride and comradery.



Their team isn’t doing it for the praise, but their love for the university is being noticed and acknowledged with these great accomplishments and hard earned awards. It’s a joy to collaborate with OSU-OKC on their vision and work for the university! Trend setting and enlightening projects are part of what make myheartcreative come alive. Our clients and their pursuit of excellence inspire us! Their success is such a joy to celebrate and although we always recognize the brilliance of our clients – it sure is icing on the cake when others do as well. So, from our proverbial rooftop, congratulations again to our friends and clients OSU-OKC!

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