Cassiope Woven


Designing a gatefold brochure for a woven wrap company.




Cassiope is a woman-owned company based out of the Tampa Bay area. All their materials are sourced and produced in the United States. Cassiope is a member of the BCIA & strives to bring quality woven wraps as well as education to the babywearing industry. The owner blends her love for babies and hand-drawn art together through Cassiope.

Design Work

Cassiope contacted myheartcreative in need of a specific deliverable – their instructions brochure that was to be mailed out along with all of their wraps. The primary goal for this piece was to clearly communicate wear instructions for customers and to provide customers with information about the company. The design aesthetic was inspired by the Cassiope logo design. The brochure design is unique with rounded shapes, rich contrast, and a clean layout with easy to read information. Although the printing of a gatefold is a bit tricky, the oversized 11″x17″ brochure (when open) really makes a statement.

Cassiope recently launched their Hadara woven wrap.






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