How Often Should You Redo Your Website?

Jul 11, 2022 | Web design OKC

With a great OKC web design, the right builder, and quality hosting, your business’s website will help you reach new audiences, boost brand awareness, and increase your overall success. When these factors are combined with the right maintenance and support plan, your website will run smoothly for years.

However, the world of web design and development is constantly changing and expanding – meaning that there are new design styles, functionalities, and code possibilities that your brand can take advantage of. With how frequently these updates come, your website can become outdated sooner than you may think. Additionally, if your website is doing its job of growing your business, its content may not do enough to reflect your growth.

You should not stick with your website design OKC just because it is good. Getting a fresh new website every 3 to 5 years is ideal for supporting your brand’s long-term growth and showing that you are an active leader in your industry.

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When to Redo Your OKC Web Design:

You Are Interested in New Design Styles

Similar to cars, clothing, home interiors, and any other area of design, website design trends and styles come and go. While your design team will ideally balance current trends with classic styles, some aspects of your website will reflect the styles that were new and popular when it was created. Additionally, there may be some new design styles that you are interested in exploring or incorporating into your branding. Getting a fresh website every few years allows you to try out new design styles and adapt to your audience’s current preferences.


To Use New Functionality and Programming Tools

Advanced programming and functionality tools that can help your website work harder for your business are frequently introduced. These advancements include customizable forms that make client communication easier, efficient payment and booking options, and new methods of sharing content with your customers. However, some tools and integrations that could have a powerful effect on your business’s success may not work if your website is outdated. By getting a new website every 3 to 5 years, your business will benefit from these.

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To Reflect Business Growth or Shifts

It is not uncommon for a business to change over time. For example, your business may expand from one storefront to multiple across several states. You may also shift your focus from providing various services to a select few that you are an expert in. Whatever the changes are, if your website does not reflect the exciting new things that are happening with your business, your audience may have no way of knowing that your brand is an active leader within your industry. A new website design can highlight these.


You Think It Is Time for a Change

To have a successful digital presence, your business’s website should not be something that you design, launch, and then never work on again. If you have a maintenance and support plan, you and your website team can (and should) update your text, photos, and videos over time. However, you may want more than those smaller changes. In general, if you think that it is time to make a larger change and redesign your website, now is the best time to do so.


Creating Your New Website Design OKC.

Whether your website needs a few updates to fit your audience’s wants and needs, or you are interested in a complete redesign to reflect your business’s growth, our team can help you create a fresh new design that is unique to your brand. Get in touch to redo your website with myheartcreative.


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