Lesson Learned from a Decade of Blogging and 2020

Jan 14, 2021 | Reflections and Projections, Business, Creative

If you spend time doing something that you love, you’re going to learn from it. Sometimes these lessons are small, but others can change your entire worldview. Here are 10 things I’ve learned from 10 years of blogging that apply to so many parts of life:

  1. Good things take time
  2. WE is truly greater than ME
  3. Don’t let pride and insecurity hold you back
  4. Be yourself
  5. Give back
  6. When everything feels crazy, focus on one step at a time
  7. It’s going to be OK
  8. The world still appreciates creativity
  9. Use what you’ve got
  10. Never stop creating

In true entrepreneurial style, I had big hopes and dreams for this year. Although 2020 went much different than I planned, I am walking away feeling stronger than ever before. I started the year with these 10 things I learned from a decade of blogging, but boy, I learned so much more this year.

samuel family 2020

2020 Lessons

This year I learned that I can still mom like a MOTHER and run a business. I learned that it is ok to say you need help because when you marry a great guy, he’ll help you out (yay, partners). I can only control what I can control – and what I can control I’m going to do my very best at it.

2021 Changes

There are big plans in place for 2021, but there are also plans to adapt those plans. Even if we do have to make changes, some things will never change. Our commitment to our values, our clients, and creating will remain. As we head into another year of unknowns, we can focus on learning more, doing more, and growing more.

Percy 100%

2020 challenged all of us to learn and grow, so we did. We will continue to carry this same tenacity into the coming year, which is why our theme for 2021 is “perseverance”.

  • Perseverance to get through and overcome challenges in order to grow
  • Perseverance to continue creating
  • Perseverance to continue supporting our artists and nonprofit organizations
  • Perseverance to bring our clients with us on our journey to success

If you are ready to overcome with our Dallas Website Design & OKC Web Design studio in 2021, please reach out. Your team is ready.


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