More Tips for What to Wear to a Photoshoot

Dec 23, 2020 | Oklahoma Photography, Oklahoma Photoshoot, Photography

Whether you are planning a family photoshoot or commercial photography OKC, the clothing you wear that day needs to reflect your vision and style. Of course, the options can be overwhelming, but this blog will provide you with guidance.

Let’s talk about portrait wardrobe best practices and tips for choosing what colors to wear.

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What should I do when choosing my photoshoot wardrobe?

Consider Your Photoshoot Location and Style

Knowing the environment of your photoshoot will help you choose your clothing. If the location is outdoors at a vineyard, field, park, or market, you might want to choose a more comfortable style. Think about either vibing with the natural tones (without blending into the background) or contrasting with brighter warmer colors. This all depends on what you want your final photo to look like. For example, outdoor headshots or working shots for commercial photography OKC or commercial photography Dallas should have a professional look, while a family will be more casual. Be sure to dress for the weather and the season.

Think About Your Photo Display

If you plan to display your photos in your home, think about using colors that will go well with your personal decor. If your photos are going to be showcased on your website or your OKC digital marketing, always think about your brand’s look and feel when choosing what to wear to your photoshoot. You want your photos to feature at least one or two of your brand’s colors from your corporate colors. Regardless of the display, and if you want your photos to feel timeliness, choose your wardrobe with a more classic look in mind.

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Choose Your Color Palettes

Now that you have considered your photoshoot location and the way you plan to use your photos, it’s time to choose your colors! Try to choose 2 – 3 colors and stick to them. Think about soft neutrals like tan, baby blue, soft pink, and warm creams. If you want to choose a nice pattern, be sure to coordinate this with anyone else in the photo shoot so that your pattern is pleasing next to a more simple neutral outfit. Below are some color palettes to inspire you:

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What not to wear to your photoshoot?

With every tip, there is always an instance where disregarding it is a good idea. Sometimes breaking the rules can create stunning photos and a one of a kind vibe, but these don’ts are generally good to follow:

  • Do not wear neons.
  • Do not reveal too much skin.
  • Never never never wear branded items – unless, of course, this is for your OKC commercial photography, and the brand is yours! So no logos, unless it’s your logo.
  • Avoid bright white.
  • Do not wear chipped nail polish. Either remove the polish or refresh your nails.
  • Lint. Use a lint roller to remove any lint or hair from your clothing.

For the best possible experience, be prepared when you arrive for your photoshoot. If you do have any questions about your wardrobe, we are happy to help. If you are ready for new family photos or you need pictures for digital marketing OKC, please reach out and schedule a time with our team.


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