Now is the Time to Fall Into a New Marketing Plan

Nov 20, 2016 | Oklahoma Marketing, Diversity, Marketing

It’s Not Too Late to Increase Your Marketing Numbers

Here it is, the end of the third quarter and you’re headed to your company’s marketing meeting with a less than stellar report. You know the numbers aren’t where your boss wants them to be or where you need them to be to prove the importance of your contributions to the company.

There will be questions; lots of questions. He’ll most likely want to know why so much of the marketing budget is being spent on the website, instead of other avenues, and you’ll need to have a good answer prepared.

The stress of the impending conversation is enough to make you hole up in a bathroom stall or run for the hills.

Instead of letting the numbers overwhelm you, use them to your advantage! The beautiful thing about marketing, especially in the digital world, is that you have the ability to switch your efforts up at any time in order to get the results you’re looking for.

And, what’s more, there are numerous ways to do so; here are just a few:


Use Big Data

The problem: You’re not reaching as much of your target market as you’d like.

The solution: Make your efforts more specific.

In this day and age, nearly everything can be quantified or put into numbers and tracked; that’s why these are such exciting times for marketers! Use this data to learn more about your audience; try looking at the following:

  • Their demographics; location, ethnicity, income level and age groups.
  • Buying and searching habits; what sites they frequent, what they’re looking at and what they’re buying.
  • Their hobbies, interests and social media behavior.
  • Business information, like industry type, location and company title/position. Are you appealing to CEO’s or more entry-level employees?


The more you know, the better you can formulate your marketing efforts to reach your target audience and get more leads.


Get Personal

The problem: Your audience isn’t connecting with your company.

The solution: Up your personal game

A recent study shows 3 out of 4 companies personalize their marketing efforts in order to connect with people, which means it’s more important than ever to make it a part of your plan.

Your customers and potential customers want personable, relatable information delivered to them in an easy-to-digest format.

Some things to try:

  • Personalized emails regarding their specific interests
  • Check your customers’ online viewing habits–what are they looking at on your site? How did they arrive there?
  • Use your newsletter and blog subscriptions to get a better read on what your audience is interested in.
  • Send follow-up emails after orders for things like order confirmation, shipping notification or backorder status.
  • Ask them how you’re doing. Sending a personalized survey to your customers shows them you care about them and their experience with your company.

If your audience feels like you see them as people, not just another sale, they are much more likely to develop an emotional connection with your company, making them loyal brand enthusiasts.


Try Something New

The problem: You’re marketing efforts are stale.

The solution: Freshen them up.


Put a little spice in your plan by trying something new:

  • Integrate blogging into your marketing plan. It’s an effective way to drive more traffic to your website through industry-relevant content.
  • Use infographics or video; both are increasing in popularity as people naturally gravitate toward visual information.
  • Live-streaming is all the rage and gives your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your company or a backstage pass to an event.
  • Run your analytical reports and those of your competitors. This will show you exactly what’s working, what isn’t and where you need to make adjustments. It will also give you valuable insight to how other companies in your industry are performing.

Need help?

If you’re still not sure what route to take or if you need help making certain changes, let myheartcreative, an Oklahoma web design company, tackle the job.

We’re your go-to professionals for all of your marketing needs, whether print or digital. With years of experience, we have the education and experience necessary to get your numbers where you need them to be…and then some. Get in touch with us today to start your project or to schedule a consultation.

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