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Mar 7, 2019 | Clients, Giving, Oklahoma Design Company, Oklahoma Web Design, Web design

Since the beginning, myheartcreative has chosen to partner with nonprofits with the belief that we can make an impact on the world together. These partnerships resonate with our core values and are ingrained into the DNA of our company. Over the years, we have provided graphic design, web design, and reduced hosting to charities that are working to improve the lives of people around the globe. Here is your chance to get to know just a few of the great organizations we are proud to support and discover how they are making a difference.

Global Nonprofits

We are an Oklahoma web design studio that works closely with organizations that have a global reach. Two nonprofits dear to us are Power of a Nickel and Love Without Reason.


Power of a Nickel provides medical services in the USA, Mexico, Belize, Nicaragua, Peru, Greece, Ukraine, Vietnam, Uganda, India. In 2018, they gave:

  • Care to more than 5,000 people
  • Dental work to 1,000 children
  • $10,000 in medications
  • 1,000 reading glasses


Learn about the different ways Power of a Nickel makes a difference.



Love Without Reason is dedicated to helping children with craniofacial abnormalities. These vulnerable children have a higher risk of becoming human trafficking victims. In 2018, Love Without Reason worked to bring about:

  • 55 medical in India and 359 craniofacial surgeries
  • 3 medical in Africa and 140 craniofacial surgeries
  • The removal of children from red light districts to schools
  • Aid to 125 human trafficking victims

Discover the personal story behind this mission.


Local Nonprofits

As a local, Oklahoma design studio, we are committed to giving back to the people in our community, and Heart and Home Makeovers and Miles Against Melanoma Oklahoma are just two we partnered with in 2018.


Heart and Home Makeovers officially launched their nonprofit in 2018. Dedicated to creating safe and beautiful home environments for those facing hardship, they took on numerous projects. In their first year, the group:

  • Modified a home to be wheelchair accessible
  • Transformed a bedroom for a child with Cerebral Palsy
  • Installed outdoor drainage
  • Transformed a garage into a transitional living center
  • Made over 2 living rooms and 6 bedrooms
  • Made over a classroom for Christmas


Learn more about Heart and Home Makeovers and its mission.

mhc-MAMOK-web-devices (1)

Miles Against Melanoma Oklahoma works diligently to combat Melanoma and honor those who have battled the illness. Our team and families participated in the Save Your Skin Run this year, and we highly recommend joining us next year. Along with the Race, the nonprofit has:

  • Raised awareness and funds for research
  • Added sunscreen stations to the Oklahoma City Zoo and Downtown Oklahoma City
  • Worked to pass a law ending tanning for children under 18


When we see all of the tragedy in the world, it is easy to believe that there is nothing we can do to make a real difference. There are, however, many different ways to help others. Even though we are not a nonprofit, our Oklahoma graphic design can bring change for the better.


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