Oraene Wedding Invitation Design

I met Mikki and Fred recently and they asked me to design their wedding invitations and information cards! I designed their invitations based on our design meeting where we discussed their wedding was to be one of a kind – mixing Mikki’s American traditions with Fred’s African traditions. Mikki and I discussed their plan to use lots of purples and black in the wedding. We also talked about using damask as a design element for its elegance. The invitation was to be full of patterns and swirls similar to the bold designs found in African fabric prints.


I also designed a wedding program for Mikki and Fred. Mikki wrote the content for the program. The program was full of great information for their guests. My favorite parts were the hymnal and the photography list. What a nice way to get everyone in order after the ceremony so that you are sure to get every picture you want on your big day.



The Oraene design was a nice balance of class and culture. I loved this wedding invitation project!