We kicked off 2019 by welcoming Morgan Denny to our team. A graduate of UCO, Morgan keeps us up-to-date on the latest in media and acts as a craftsman in all things photo and video.

She has worked on some Oklahoma photoshoots with us in the past and is taking on the role of Media Artist. You will meet Morgan if you stop by our Oklahoma design studio, but don’t be surprised if she has a camera with her. A true team player, Morgan is also taking on various tasks around the studio, working to assist our team whenever she can.


Why Morgan Is Amazing

  • She has a fantastic sense of humor.
  • She comes up with great ideas.
  • She learns quickly and is always ready to help.
  • She has a calming presence in the studio.
  • She loves coffee and Take 5 candy bars.

If you have a photoshoot or video project, you will have the pleasure of working with Morgan and getting to know our amazing new team member.


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