The 5 P’s of Print Design

Jun 26, 2017 | Advertising, Marketing, Print design

Curb Appeal Brings Clients Home: The 5 P’s of Print Design.

Print design is the curb appeal of your business and as industry standards continue to advance with technology, every element of copy produced by your business needs to allow the audience to see themselves there.


  1. Give your print design personality. Representing your business’s “personality” and values in all that you print is essential to mainstreaming all of your logos, products and marketing. People often think of homes as having personality as well; unique features that set it apart from the competition. Let your “house’s” features shine in all print design.

  1. All copy should be professional – Establishing your product or business as competent and skillful is necessary to engage your audience and allow your business to stand apart. When selling a home, buyers and sellers alike trust their realty professionals to streamline the marketing and transaction process.

  1. Print is emotionally powerful – Making a personal connection between content and reader can make all the difference. Using faces, personal stories, and familiar imagery allows the gap between paper and person to be bridged. It will be the difference be print design being tossed aside with junk mail or a potential client heading to your website. If someone can’t see themselves/their family in a home – without even a second thought, they move on to the next listing. Your print design should draw them in and make them feel right at home.

  1. What is the purpose for this print and its design? Why is it necessary and is it functional? Wasting effort and talent on the irrelevant won’t do your business or your clients any good. Instead focus on your goals (which are most likely, to help your client meet theirs) and zone in on the utility of your print design instead of doing it to maintain the status quo. The utility and functionality of a home is obvious from the moment you pull up to the curb. Compare your print design’s purpose to the purposes of each space in a home.

  1. Precision – Make sure any and all print is precisely the message you want to send and that it is communicated effectively. Sometimes, less is more; from verbiage to margins, each element should be well defined and definitive. Sellers never give the buyer more information than they need. The buyer needs confidence in the information given as well as freedom to build their own experience with the home.

Just like a home for sale, print design should be inviting and full of potential for the shopper to see themselves in it.

Bringing it All Home

As you read printed word, you give it a voice. While it’s in your hands, it comes alive. As you create print design, you determine the way in which your business is first introduced to someone new. Eye catching and pithy – of course, but there is more the print design than just that. Keeping the 5 P’s at the forefront of your print design campaigns will help bring your clients home so to speak and myheartcreative can help you with this! We’ve designed hundreds of printed materials for clients both big and small. Contact us to discuss your next print project.

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