The Google Analytics Guide for SEO

Apr 22, 2021 | SEO marketing Dallas, SEO

When it comes to digital marketing Dallas, there is always more to learn. Terms like keywords and ranking might be familiar. However, are you using Google Analytics?

What is Google Analytics?

Digital marketing Dallas benefits significantly with the use of Google Analytics to support SEO. So, what is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a free tool from Google that gives you the ability to monitor your website performance online with charts and graphs.

What is Google Analytics Used For?

Once you add Google Analytics to your CMS, you have the ability to access your dashboard. Here, you will find information about who is visiting your website, your traffic, load times, devices being used, and other valuable data. Now that you understand what is Google Analytics used for, consider how to use it in the future.

How to Understand Google Analytics

Once you find the metrics on the dashboard, you will be able to practice how to understand Google Analytics. You can also monitor your Google Analytic SEO.

Pay Attention to Your Audience

You should know your target audience. Google Analytics shows you demographics about the people coming to your site. Are your visitors your target audience? You may need to update your content or design to grab the attention of your desired customer.

Monitor New Visitors

The main goal of SEO is to bring more traffic to your website. While you do not want to lose any current customers, you still need the percentage of new visitors to increase to stay competitive. If your traffic is not improving, consider why.

Look at the Bounce Rate

Your bounce rate is how many people come to your page and immediately leave it. You typically want a low bounce rate. There are several reasons people would quickly leave your site, such as clicking the wrong link or finding the design unprofessional.

Which Pages Work?

Google Analytics will show you which pages draw in people. The information will give you an idea of what potential customers want to know about your business.

Set Goals

Gather the information from your Google Analytics, such as conversion rates, leads, and traffic. You can then set realistic goals for yourself and implement them with an SEO strategy.

avoid google analytic mistakes

Avoid Google Analytics Mistakes

There are some mistakes to avoid when using Google Analytics for your SEO.

  • You do not know what the information means, but you act anyway.
  • You change plans with too small of a sample. Changes do not happen overnight.
  • You track information without taking action.

Of course, these are just a few of the things that can go wrong when using Google Analytics to support SEO. There is so much more to learn about using Google Analytics correctly. For the best results, however, consider hiring an expert in the field. Professionals will be able to dive deeper into Google analytic SEO and improve your digital marketing Dallas results. Please contact the myheartcreative team if you have any questions or would like to set up a meeting.


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