The Pros and Cons of Separating a Blog from a Website

Apr 29, 2021 | Content Writing, Content Marketing, Oklahoma SEO Services, Oklahoma Web Design, Tips, Web design OKC, WordPress

We know how valuable blogs are to website design in Oklahoma City, especially when it comes to SEO. When you have both a website and a blog, you have the option to have the blog and website combined or to locate the blog on its own domain.

When choosing whether to keep your blog and website combined or separate, it helps to know the advantages of each. In most cases, we encourage our clients to keep their blogs on their websites. Here are a few things to consider when making your choice.

Advantages of Integrating a Blog on Websites:

Positive Visitor Experience

When your website has a good blog with good content, your visitors know what to expect from you; a quality blog often means a quality business. This also promotes a seamless visitor experience by making it easy to go between your blog posts and the rest of your website.

SEO Benefits

Through strategic content, blog posts can raise your search engine standing. Additionally, backlinks to your blog posts point to your primary domain, so the posts benefit your SEO as a whole. If you use a separate website for your blog, the links will not benefit your main domain.

Representing Your Brand

By integrating your blog into your website, you are doing more than adding content. Your blog shows visitors that your business does more than provide services or sell products; it shows that you are a thought leader.

Easy to Integrate

If your main concern is not knowing how to embed blog into websites, you will not have to spend time researching “how to embed blog into website” or “how to put blog on website.” Programs like WordPress make it easy to combine a blog and website.


Advantages of Keeping a Separate Blog:

Increased Variety

When your blog is on your website, it needs to fit the same branding. Creating a separate blog allows you to use a different tone and scope, so you can promote the blog as its own brand. You can also incorporate a wider variety of topics for a greater content variety.

Multiple Blogs

By using a separate website for your blog, you can use your content to target specific audiences instead of keeping everything universal. To reach additional audiences, you can begin a new blog for each one, but we suggest making use of tags and categories to accomplish this on an integrated blog.

Potential Profit

Whether your blog is located on your current website or kept separate, there is potential for it to draw in high numbers of visitors. If your separate blog becomes popular, you may have the opportunity to sell it for a profit much easier than you would if it was attached to your website.

Making Your Choice

When it comes to creating a separate blog or embedding it into your website, you should balance the positives and negatives to make the best choice for your business. You also need to consider your skillset, what will make the most sense to your target audience, and how you will promote your blog. A blog on your website can be promoted with existing exposure on your website, but for a separate blog you will need to know how to promote website alone with other additional marketing efforts..

If you have any questions about website design in Oklahoma City or how to promote website alone, please reach out. We would be happy to help.


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