The Thrill of Hope

Dec 13, 2017 | Reflections and Projections, Small Business

‘Tis the season!

The holidays can and should be all they’re cracked up to be. They can also be a chance to let your business’s sparkly personality SHINE! From holiday cards/invitations to the social functions themselves this is a great season to tie your company together with your mission, clients, and whatever holiday message you want to convey. Your marketing, branding and planning reflect your company and are valuable to your clients and staff.


Hosting a celebration of your clients is a great way to not only shower them with appreciation for a year of business together, but also a way to open your doors and let your clients know who you are! Of course, presentation matters…it always does, but in the holiday season we are given an opportunity to connect on a personal level. The invitations to these social functions is a chance to market your business to current and potential clients as well. Let your graphic designs speak for themselves, your verbiage be reflective of your gratitude, and your stationary be as unique as your business is.


Should you send a company card? Yes. Yes; you should. Should it include the faces of your staff? Why not? Clients, vendors, and staff alike love to (and need to) know their value and their personal connection to your business. Again, this is another opportunity to show off your skillset as a small business. Find a way to connect your card to your vision for your staff as well.



Being thoughtful is mostly about effort. We at myheartcreative know it isn’t about STUFF, but it is about intentional effort. Year round that effort is put toward creating dream products, websites and results for our clients, but during the holiday season we pause and gear our effort toward what our clients value and appreciate. Our clients mean the world to us, so naturally we work hard to bless them with a thoughtful gesture, hand written note, home-made item, or a personalized gift for their office or home. It isn’t the material object that is relevant, but pausing to celebrate and honor the professional relationships we have built is a time worthy and honors our clients.

Staff Celebration

Whether this takes place in house or out of the office is up to you…but it is such a great idea to celebrate this joyous season with your small business staff. This is one of the (many) perks of small business. At myheartcreative, we love our clients but we couldn’t serve them effectively without our amazing staff. Pausing to honor the hours, hard work, and heart of our team is one of our favorite things to do this season. We are a family business and there is no time like the Christmas season to cherish our families and the families of our staff. We had a family friendly holiday party, including but not limited to dinner and a Christmas light limousine ride for the kids.


It isn’t fair to speak for all small businesses, but at myheartcreative, we love what we do, who we work with and our clients. This is a season of gratitude, peace and joy that we are honored to share with you. It is also the time to focus on the thrill of hope for the future, a prosperous 2018 and for all we can rejoice in with a new year.


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