Thompson Oklahoma Wedding Invitation

I heard my friend Lulu was getting married so I decided to ask her if she had her wedding invitation designed yet. She told me she was planning to order them the very next day! We talked about how she had settled for a template design that she found in her budget. I shared with her how I would love to design her wedding invitation, but how it would NOT be from a template! The good news is Lulu isn’t really the kind of gal that deserves anything in a template haha. She is truly one of a kind. But I digress.


Getting back to the subject at hand, Thompson Oklahoma Wedding Invitation! I met with Lulu over the phone. We discussed what she had planned to pay for her template design. I was able to save her money on the printing AND give her a custom wedding invitation design. We had a quick design meeting that same night over the phone. She told me about her colors, flowers, wedding dress, location, and more. I was inspired by her outdoor barn location and her decorating ideas which include embroidery loops (how fun).


I created a one of a kind design for Lulu’s wedding that features her flowers in a quirky upside down fashion, a rustic background look, hand placed typography enhancements, and a vintage looking paper bag envelope.

thompsontable thompsoncake mrsluluthompson

I got lots of hugs for this design. Thank you Lulu for letting me be apart of your wedding! I loved watching you become Lulu Thompson.