Video blog answering the question – Is print marketing dead in 2015?

Jul 29, 2015 | Oklahoma Design Company, Marketing, Print design

There has been a rumor going around that digital media will eventually eliminate print once and for all, and I can see how this got started. People are spending more and more time in front of screens, so advertisers respond by throwing marketing money at digital and mobile ads. And while this is effective for many audiences, it might be too soon to give up on print completely. It can still be a crucial weapon in your marketing arsenal.

Here are some reasons why print design is still alive and well:

It’s tactile

You can touch it, hold it. And it smells nice. Customers spend more time with a print design piece because it’s an enjoyable experience. And this doesn’t apply to just baby boomers who grew up without a computer. Even millennials appreciate reading print pieces over screens.

Your customers will actually read it

Print text is more conducive to deep engagement while words on a screen encourage skimming and superficial reading. We’ve all been there. You start reading an online news story and then three hours later you’re watching cat videos and realize you never finished that article. Without any funny gifs, Facebook notifications, or ads promising Beyonce’s diet secrets, readers are less distracted. So you’re more likely to grab and hold attention with print marketing.

It’s Credible

The internet is teeming with banner ads, pop up ads, and ads that follow you around like a crazy stalker reminding you of that watch you accidentally added to your cart. But print doesn’t do that, because print has class. Print pieces wait patiently for engagement, and readers can relax knowing that the paper they’re holding isn’t communicating personal information back to a mysterious data-hungry server.

It’s no longer “traditional”

Internet advertising is the new standard, which means you can actually stand out by using print marketing. Inboxes are filling up with junk mail while physical mailboxes become less cluttered. This means that print design pieces have less competition and are more likely to be noticed and read. This is especially true for “lumpy mail”, a term used to describe envelopes with unexpected bulk. The power of lumpy mail comes from the curiosity it rouses, and this is what gets your mail piece opened first with undivided attention.

You’ve already got an audience

If you’re trying to tell urban twenty-somethings how much better their lives would be with your product, getting noticed on the web can be difficult. Rather than spend time developing an online community of users through clever hashtags, just mail your message to… an actual community. You can even use demographic targeting to reach the people that fit your customer profile. This will get your message seen and seen by the right people who are most likely to respond.

Why limit yourself?

Reach your audience in a way that suites your business best. This will often mean a mixed media campaign that presents your message digitally and on paper. How heavily you depend on print vs. web marketing depends on your business and your customers. But don’t just settle for good enough, because getting it right will mean more efficiency and costs savings. An experienced design and marketing firm can help you find the best strategy for you.

If you want to start interacting with your customers more effectively, we’d love to help! Contact us.


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