myheartcreative knows how to optimize, design, write, photograph and build but we also know how to party. Throw back to February — the loving spirit in the air inspired us to show our clients just how much they mean to us. We started with a beautiful gourmet spread. Who knew our very own Kelcy not only has an eye for design, but also for putting together the most beautiful gourmet spread. Charcuterie platters, fresh fruit, gourmet cheese, vegetables, pepper jellies, and desserts covered the table as you entered the myheartcreative studio in downtown Bethany. The food wasn’t the only draw – we had free massages, live music, and giveaways galore we purchased from the best clients on the planet earth!

An enormous thank you to our clients for being awesome Oklahoma businesses and for creating great products:


Brandi Downham’s colorful, emotional and connective art work adorned the wall. Her ability to tell a story in each piece correlates with our desire to tell the story of your business. We want to celebrate our clients, their individuality, their values and their missions. Each client means so much to us and it is our goal to celebrate their success every step of the way. Downham’s artwork is a celebration of life, challenges, and overcoming obstacles. The stories behind her pieces reflect what matter most to her and we’re thrilled to tell her story here in our Oklahoma design studio.


The stunning centerpiece floral arrangements by Crooked Roots added a delicate touch to the room that brought our focus to the love of the season. Our lucky winner and his wife got to take home the gorgeous display just before valentine’s day!



The talented local artist Edgar Cruz on guitar added to the ambiance of the evening as he strummed his guitar strings and performed his biggest hits. We support local artists and were thrilled to have Mr. Cruz join us as we celebrated our clients!


After the music, the food, the raffles, and the art work hopefully each guest topped their night off with a massage. The personal touch is what makes the difference at myheartcreative and we want our clients to know how much we value them.


The grand prize of the evening was a $500 discount off your next project and the night’s big winner was Mayor KP Westmoreland.



The myheartcreative family is here to serve and are thrilled to have the chance to do so at our own studio. If you didn’t have a chance to come by, we hope you will plan to stop in soon. Whether your business needs a new Oklahoma website, updated pages or search engine optimization – we are your one stop shop.

Don’t miss our next party!


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