Wear the Good Vibes

Aug 14, 2019 | Change, Community, Creative, Thankful

As we near our fifth anniversary, we are taking stock of everything that makes us who we are as Oklahoma designers and an organization. As a team, we try to live and work by our core values. We are craftspeople who produce excellent work while always focusing on what is right. Our ideals motivate us to do good as well as inspire those around us.

Three Good Things

As you may already know:

  • We work closely with several nonprofits and are proud to support them on their missions.
  • We host local artists without taking a commission.
  • We give back to the community.

The desire to do good work both personally and professionally is part of myheartcreative’s DNA. From a first meeting to sketching and design, the incentive is always the same. Now, we are pleased to announce that our inspiration is ready to wear.

Positive Fashion

In the past, myheartcreative shirts and other products were only available for employees. We decided to introduce our new Oklahoma designs to the public due to a growing demand and desire to inspire others. Our goal is to share part of our company culture with all of you.

Create Good

Inspired by the love of creating and doing good in the world, this t-shirt is close to our hearts. Every element has a special meaning to our team.


Create Your Heart Out

This shirt is a reminder of what we do every day and perfect for any creatives who pour their hearts into their work.


If you stop by our Oklahoma web design studio, the odds are that you will find someone modeling one of our designs. We are always happy to answer any questions that you may have about our positive fashion or starting a project for your organization.


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