As a boutique website design and full-service studio, we have a uniquely creative approach to photography. Particularly as a wedding photographer OKC a wedding photographer Dallas, and a family photographer. Naturally, our photoshoots have been a little different in 2020 and will be this year.

Can Weddings Be Safe and Fun in 2021?

The answer is, yes.

We have been honored to participate in weddings over the summer of 2020. From photography and videography to officiating, we have had so much fun.

With careful planning and preparation, everything was safe and enjoyable. In fact, some brides even made taking precautions fun and fashionable. Colorful masks, anyone? Thanks to our focus on building relationships and communicating with every client, we were able to prevent any big surprises during the pandemic and ensure that the photoshoots ran smoothly.

Our Wedding Photographer OKC Process

We begin preparing for wedding photoshoots months before the wedding date. We meet with the bride and groom to discover their style, vision, and plans for the wedding, including the number of family members expected, wedding party size, schedule, and any special requests. Communication continues, and we have one last meeting to confirm the details.

wedding and family photography covid Tunget masks

We apply our boutique website design standards to all of our services, including wedding, family, and newborn photography.

Family and Newborn Photography

Whether you have an infant or want a new family photo, our team will take the time to discuss your look, location, time of day, and other details with you ahead of time. On the day of the photoshoot, we will be fully prepared to safely and professionally meet your expectations.

wedding and family photography covid loyd Patton Newborn

We will never compromise our clients’ health and safety, which is why we have taken every safety precaution with our family and newborn photoshoots. Our team wears masks, keeps as much distance as possible, and most of the sessions have been in open spaces.

We even began to offer “porchtraits,” short sessions outside our clients’ homes. The results are what we hoped for when we implemented the idea.

wedding and family photography covid Quackenbush Porchtrait 4

wedding and family photography covid Quackenbush Porchtrait

If you have been searching for a wedding photographer, family photographer, or a “baby photographer near me,” please reach out, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can also see other examples of our work on Facebook and Instagram.


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