What Are the 8 Types of Branding OKC and How to Use Them?

Nov 25, 2022 | Branding

Branding OKC can boost your brand and sustain that growth in the long term by building audience awareness and recognition. This strategy gives you the tools to present yourself cohesively and consistently through print ads, graphic design projects, customer service standards, and more. Overall, good branding is a powerful asset for any business, organization, or individual.

Creating your strategy involves an in-depth process because it defines how you will represent your brand through your Oklahoma design projects; as such, it can be challenging to know where to begin. A good starting point is to determine which type of branding will work best for your needs.


The 8 Types of Branding OKC

1. Personal

This strategy is used when a brand is associated with an individual. For example, personal branding is likely your best choice if you are a solo entrepreneur launching your business venture. This plan is also good if your business is tied to you as a person, like a celebrity-made product that focuses on appealing to an existing audience.


2. Corporate

As the title suggests, this strategy is used by businesses, companies, and other large entities. Corporate branding helps a brand present itself in a specific way to create a cohesive presence that appeals to its target audience and increases its success. For example, a high-end car company will establish a luxurious corporate brand identity.


3. Retail

Depending on the business, some brands may use this strategy instead of corporate. Retail branding is often used by physical stores and online retailers that sell different products under their flagship brand. Whether online or in-person, the strategy involves deliberate graphic design OKC choices that affect how people perceive the establishment or website.


4. Geographic/Cultural

These strategies have significant overlap and are popular in the tourism industry. Geographic branding affects how people view a city, state, or region; one prominent example is “I Love New York” merchandise sold in many shops. Instead of focusing on an area as a whole, cultural branding highlights a unique cultural aspect of the location.


5. Product

Instead of highlighting a specific person or business, this strategy focuses on the product that the brand provides. When done well, product branding will help you connect to a particular type of customer and encourage your audience to perceive your brand in the desired way. This is one of the most commonly used types of branding OKC.


6. Service

Similar to product branding, this strategy is used to showcase the service that a brand specializes in. Because services are often not as visible, service branding requires a lot of creative thinking. For this strategy to succeed, show what sets your standard of service apart from the competition and focus on providing positive customer experiences.


7. Online

While other strategies focus on a specific entity, this style refers to the platform where the efforts take place. Online branding is a broad category that encompasses all types of internet-based branding, like your website, social media, digital ads, and more. Your online presence should be cohesive with what people expect from your overall brand.


8. Offline

As with online branding, this strategy’s name comes from where you focus your efforts, as opposed to who or what the strategy is for. Any branding effort outside of the internet is considered offline branding; this ranges from your graphic design OKC elements (such as brochures and merchandise) to the way you interact with clients in meetings.


Define Your Brand with Our Oklahoma Design Team

Of course, choosing which type of branding to use is only part of the process – you still need to define your guidelines, create your materials, and share your content in the best way. Because of this, it always helps to reach out to a design team. Get in touch to create your branding strategy with myheartcreative.


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