What Every Business Owner Should Know About Image Licensing

Jul 28, 2021 | Oklahoma Media, OKC Photographer, Oklahoma Photography, Oklahoma Photoshoot

Every OKC web design requires attractive and engaging Oklahoma photography to connect with customers successfully. As a boutique web design studio, we recognize the importance of images. We also take great care to ensure that our clients do not face complex licensing issues. Many people are unaware of which images can and cannot be used on their business websites, so we are always here to guide our clients. Here are five helpful tips for choosing pictures.

What Type of Oklahoma Photography Is Available for Commercial Use?

1.Take Care

Just because an image appears in a Google search does not mean you can use it on a website. Many photos that appear in search results are copyrighted. If you do use a copyrighted image without permission, you face a possible claim of copyright infringement. You need to make sure that the pictures you choose are available for commercial use.

2. Understand the Terms

When you look for photos, you will see notices such as free for personal use or Creative Commons. While these images are available to the public, this does not necessarily mean you can use them on your business website. If an image is free for personal use, you could share it with others for personal use, which means you are not taking payment or promoting products, services, etc.

Creative Commons licenses will vary, but most will want credit for their work. Some Creative Commons licenses are entirely free for commercial use, while others are not. There are licenses available for commercial use but only with strict limitations. Always be sure that you know the license details for any image you use, and remember that the license could change.

3. Search with a Purpose

If you want to find images in Creative Commons, search for the usage rights. If you click ‘Tools’ below the search bar, the usage rights will appear.


When you click on the usage rights, you have the option to narrow the search by Creative Commons or commercial and other licenses.


However, just because something shows up in the search does not mean it is free to use. Make sure that you check the license for the pictures before downloading them.

4. Consider Stock

Purchasing the license for stock photos is always an option. There are various stock photo options available. While some of them do provide free images, most are available for purchase. Most stock images can be cropped and sized to fit your OKC web design. Of course, stock photography is… well, stock. There is a good chance that your website will look like someone else’s when you only use stock images.

5. Have a Custom Photoshoot

As a boutique web design studio, our website packages automatically come with Oklahoma photography. A commercial photoshoot shows people who you are. Not only will these images create a unique website, but they will also ensure that you can use them without worrying about copyright infringement.

OKC web design

Please note, however, that photographers typically keep the copyright for their work, ensuring they can use the images to promote their business and prevent any of their pictures from being used as advertising for outside parties, while you will not own your pictures, you definitely have the license to use them.

Regardless of whether you purchase images, find free pictures, or have a photoshoot, make sure you know where you got them. Simple organization can protect you and prevent confusion down the road.

If you would like to book our Oklahoma photography services or schedule a discovery meeting for our OKC web design services, please contact the myheartcreative team.


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