What Is Dallas Aerial Photography And What Are Its Types?

Jan 5, 2023 | Drone Photography

Photos can add fantastic imagery to your Dallas Aerial photography project to communicate a message to your audience. As such, aerial photography is growing in popularity for commercial and personal use. With technology continually advancing, it is easy to lose track of all the benefits aerial photography has to offer.


What Is Dallas Aerial Photography?

Aerial photography, or aerial imaging, is the art of capturing images or videos from the air. These images are shot by aircraft, rockets, hot air balloons, and drones. Aerial photography can provide beautiful photos for larger spaces in a fraction of the time than using traditional camera equipment.



The most popular option, Dallas drone photography, provides a more accessible way to get high-quality aerial images.

There are restrictions and guidelines for these types of flights. For drone flights, a certified drone operator is required to fly. Likewise, drone operators must submit a flight plan for approval before going in the air. Special permissions may be required to fly depending on the air class space. These permissions may take time to obtain, so plan as far ahead in advance as possible.

The FAA also does not permit flying directly over people, as well as flying at night. However, flights are permitted 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset.


Types Of Aerial Imaging

Regardless of the vehicle used to take the photos, several different types of aerial imaging exist. The possibilities are endless, from film to digital, colored imaging to black and white. Especially with changing the camera axis, each method is unique, providing beautiful results that can be used in combination or on its own.



Vertical imaging has no tilt in the camera axis at all, showing a straight-on view of the ground below. Because of the camera angle, vertical imagining shows a smaller area. This type of imaging is excellent for mapping and offering a detailed layout of a space.


Low Oblique

Low oblique imaging tilts the axis more than 3 degrees, providing a more extensive view than vertical imaging, but it does not show the horizon. Low oblique angles in Dallas aerial photography are great for showing detailed close-ups of land and structures.


High Oblique

High oblique imagining has a much higher degree of tilt, typically around 60 degrees. With the axis tilted, the camera has a far reach, and the horizon is visible. High oblique is best for showing off landscapes and geographic features.


Hiring A Professional

For the highest quality images, hiring a professional is the best option for any photography project. Here at myheartcreative, we offer drone aerial video and photography services. Our FAA-certified commercial drone operator has the necessary training and knowledge to successfully capture your desired vision through specific angles, positions, and heights. Likewise, our creative team can help you build a shot list to ensure you have various images for your project.

Contact us today for more information on our aerial photography or Dallas commercial photography services. We look forward to creating with you!


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