What Should You Not Do in a Logo?

May 17, 2021 | Logo design, Graphic Design Oklahoma, Graphic Designer Oklahoma

At myheartcreative, we have had the honor of helping companies across the globe establish their brands through Oklahoma design. Custom logo design OKC serves as the foundation of your brand in terms of your mark and color palette.

There are different things that you should avoid when it comes to your logo design.


Busy Designs

While your logo should give an impression of your organization, it is possible to put too much visual imagery into your mark, creating a busy look that confuses viewers. Avoiding clutter does not mean that you cannot have any detail in your logo. You simply need a design that keeps all of the elements in balance. For example, there is no doubt about the importance of nature in Ruckus Wild Ranch, but each aspect of the image is clear.
Logo Design OKCChoosing a clean logo design gives a much more professional impression. Additionally, it will look impressive on everything from your website to signs, stationary, and embroidery work.

Clip Art

Sometimes people are tempted to create logos with clip art because they like an image or want to save money. The main problem with clip art is that you do not own it. This choice brings up the complexities of copyright and trademarks. Even if you purchase the rights to use an image, other people may choose the same clip art for their businesses. Multiple companies with the same logo will create confusion for clients.

Illegible Fonts

As an Oklahoma design company, we understand how vital a font is to a brand. The font in your logo needs to be easy to read in various sizes. For example, you might like the look of a highly detailed script, but if you cannot easily read the text, consider a more precise font that still has some similar elements.


It is easy to find inspiration for a logo. After all, many companies have invested in impressive designs. While there is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from another business, your logo needs to be unique and clearly define your brand. You do not want to advertise for someone else. Additionally, taking too much from another design could cause legal problems down the line.

Forget Your Files

At myheartcreative, we package your logo in all of the necessary files along with the guidelines you need to use your flexible logo successfully. Whether you are updating social media or ordering a sign, you will have all of the files you need.

Creating a logo is a careful balance of art and functionality. As trained creatives, we use our expertise to ensure that our clients have logos that clearly represent their brand and attract their target audiences. If you have any questions about our logo design process or would like to schedule a consultation, please contact us. Our team is ready to help you begin building your brand and taking your image to the next level.


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