Our Design Process


As a local Oklahoma design company, when it comes to our process, we stay focused on the most important aspects of getting the job done – people and projects.

We work one-on-one with our design clients (our VIPs) in order to provide a smooth and enjoyable process for both parties. Our clients meet directly with our Creative Director on every project, so they know our creative team is hearing their big ideas without a middle salesman muddying up the message. Working directly with our team means we are more accessible, engaged and invested – ensuring your project is completed on schedule and on budget.

Below you will find the standard process for logo design and website design. Keep in mind our main objectives when walking through the design process.


Main Objectives

  • uncover the challenges, needs, and goals of the company
  • craft the right messages, colors, shapes, pixels, and images that solves the previously listed item
  • deliver logos, websites, designs, and more that tell your brand’s story and meets your organization’s goals for the project at hand

Logo design process:

  1. Initial discovery meeting
  2. Design meeting held
  3. Design process begins
  4. 3 logo concepts presented
  5. Revisions made to selected logo concept
  6. 3 logo color palettes presented
  7. Revisions made to color palettes
  8. Once approved, logo files packaged (including vector)
  9. Pantone color meeting
  10. Logo guidelines provided

Website design process:

  1. Initial discovery meeting
  2. Design survey delivered
  3. Design meeting held
  4. Design process begins
  5. Website designs presented
  6. Revisions made to website design
  7. Once approved, website development begins
  8. Photoshoot scheduled
  9. Content call with team
  10. Content added to website
  11. Pre-launch design and development checks completed
  12. Website goes live

Our clear processes for these multistep projects help us deliver results over and over. Of course, when working on custom design projects, a more unique process may be necessary. Don’t worry – we are flexible.

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