What’s It Like To Intern At myheartcreative?

Feb 20, 2016 | Creative, Design, Designers, Illustrations

Starting off at a new company can be exciting, intimidating, and just plain fun all at the same time. Starting at your very first design company can be all those things times 10. Here’s a look into my journey working at myheartcreative.

Taking a Chance

At the beginning of my search, I was frustrated. After getting a degree in Journalism, I wanted to change gears and pursue the world of Graphic Design and Illustration. I didn’t know how I was going to do it, though. I had some experience in Graphic Design here and there, but no formal training besides my Photoshop and Indesign classes while I was working on my degree. After advice from a few close people, I decided I would look for either an internship or a mentor. I immediately thought of Amy. I admired the fact that her & Sam started myheartcreative from scratch and how successfully it was going for them. I reached out to her thinking she may know someone who was looking for an intern, but secretly hoping she was looking for an intern herself. And guess what?! She was! After a few emails, back and forth, I was on my way to an interview with her and Sam. A few emails after that, I was officially an intern at myheartcreative.

jordan working

Being More

One of my favorite things about working with myheartcreative is that I’ve been treated like so much more than an intern. I mean, sure, I work on some “intern” type things, like moving content or preparing blogs to post, but I have been given TONS of creative freedom during my time here at myheartcreative. When I was given my first project, I couldn’t believe it. On my first day, I was asked to sketch out some designs for toy plushes. Being an avid plush collector, I was ecstatic to be working on this project. And although Amy and Sam did give me direction, I was given the freedom to truly design from my imagination. Talk about a dream first project. Speaking of creative freedom, I’ve been very lucky to have found a studio that takes your ideas and runs with them. I never thought I would be able to incorporate my love for styling outfits at a graphic design internship. But sure enough, I showed Amy & Sam my personal Polyvore outfits, and together, we found a way to let me channel that part of my creative expertise.

Doing Your Work Builds Confident Work

Another incredible thing about working with the myheartcreative team is the confidence the team has put into my illustrations. I’ve only been seriously drawing and illustrating for about a year and a half, all of which has been completely self-taught. Even though I have much to improve on in this area, Amy & Sam have been very encouraging. They have also been challenging. Challenging in the best way, of course. I’ve been ultimately happy with finished projects that were initially intimidating. You may not think that illustrating your own version of Oklahoma State University’s Pistol Pete would be hard, but believe me, it is.

When it all comes down to it, my favorite thing about being a part of myheartcreative is really just the heart of the studio. myheartcreative is made up of great people with huge talent and even bigger dreams. Working with a company that works like the sky’s the limit is really what I was searching for all along.


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