WordPress: Drafts vs. Published Pages

With WordPress CMS, there are options for what you can do with your pages. A few of these options include saving a page as a draft, publishing the page, and making it private (or hiding the page). These options, as well as previewing an unfinished page, can come in handy when you want to have a page ready to go, but don’t necessarily want to set it live just yet.


Saving a page as a draft lets you have a page set up and ready, but it isn’t viewable to the public yet. This means you can create the page, edit it how you want, or even completely mess up the page, and nobody would even know. Drafts are only visible if you are logged into your website to make edits.

Publishing A Page

Publishing a page means that this page is live. An important note about updating WordPress pages is that if you make changes to a published page, you must hit “Publish” to make those changes live. (If the page is already live and you make changed the button will say “Update” instead of Publish.) You can have buttons that link to this page, or you can put the page in your navigation since it is a published page and not a draft – you do not need to be logged in to view published pages. For example, here is a call to action button which links to a published page:

Previewing A Page

When you preview a page, you get to see what the page looks like in real-time, without it being live on your website. You can also preview any changes you have made to a page before you actually update the live page with “Update”. That way, you can see if the page looks how you imagined it looking.

Making A Page Private/Hiding A Page

This option allows you to make your page visible to anybody, or private so only certain people can see it. Once a page is private, only the person logged in to edit the site will be able to view it. This would be ideal for seasonal pages that you want to keep but just don’t want visible at the moment.

A flexible website with these options will make things a lot easier for you. If you have any questions about drafts, publishing, hiding pages, or any other website design questions in Oklahoma City or website design in Dallas, please reach out.