Work Agile: 5 Ways To Embrace Change

Nov 6, 2018 | Change, Leadership, Oklahoma Design Company, Web design

Change happens rapidly. Being agile means that you readily accept change and enhance your company’s potential to grow. Whether you are rebranding or updating your company’s Oklahoma web design, change is hard. So, how do you embrace change and become an agile business leader?

Embrace Being Adaptable

Businesses that are flexible on multiple spectrums are typically more productive. You gotta “roll with the punches”. Be open to learning how your industry is evolving, particularly in the areas of advertising, marketing, and social media.

Adapt to different ways of working with your employees. Many companies have job sharing programs, remote workers, and contract employees. myheartcreative employees, for example, work in all of the ways just mentioned.

Become a Leader Instead of a Manager

Once you learn to become adaptable, you will be a leader instead of a manager. Leaders are self-aware and are able to motivate people by giving and receiving trust. They inspire and engage by uniting employees towards common goals, and they communicate through listening. Employees are more productive when you focus on how to be a leader and encourage them to take on new opportunities.


Make Work Enjoyable

One of the best ways to lead your team is to get them excited about new opportunities and projects. Give them incentives. Introduce new software, apps, or programs that will help them get their work done quickly or manage their time more efficiently. Try to create a positive environment. Once the job becomes an enjoyable experience that allows them to develop in their passions and strengths, they will naturally embrace their work and grow the company as a team.

Embrace Empathy

As a leader, empathy will help you communicate effectively and manage challenges as they come. Learn how to see things from another person’s point of view and understand their feelings. It is a key point in emotional intelligence and creates a dialogue that does not shut down conversation. No one likes change, but an empathetic leader will help employees learn how to embrace it instead of demanding that they do.

Be Innovative

Now that you have become an agile business leader who motivates others and tackles change with empathy, you need to pay attention to changing trends in your industry and keep your company innovative. Stay up-to-date on ways to keep your branding fresh and effective. As your business grows – grow your brand. If you need help finding or implementing innovative, creative changes, myheartcreative is here for you.


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