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Nov 26, 2018 | Branding, Leadership, Oklahoma Design Company

Unconventional Ways to Build a Powerful Business

Successful entrepreneurs and business owners think differently than most people. It’s what puts them ahead of the rest. As a business owner, an excellent way to set your company apart is to focus on ways to get your mind outside the box. Whether that is improving your sales or your Oklahoma website design and graphic design, you need to remain mentally aware. Below are some great tools to help you move forward and stay on the right track.

Be An Amazing Listener

Be open and involved in communication. No matter who you are talking to, listening will help you stay in the loop.

  • Be present in each conversation.
  • Eliminate distractions. This could mean silencing your phone or putting it away.
  • Be compassionate and empathetic.
  • Keep an open mind.
  • See both sides.
  • Never be defensive.
  • Ask relevant follow-up questions.

Mindfulness walk

Practice Wellness & Mindfulness

You must take care of yourself:

  • Play mind games – Do puzzles, crosswords, play cards, color – anything that keeps your mind active.
  • Turn off devices for 30 minutes a day – Take a walk, pick up a book, or grab a magazine that has some entrepreneur tips to help you get away from looking at a screen all day.
  • Go to the gym – Staying physically fit can help keep your mind and body well.
  • Eat right – Making little changes in your diet, like eliminating processed foods and sugars, can make a huge difference in your physical wellness.

Stay Organized and Connected

Not many people realize how easy it is to stay organized and connected with others including, employees, clients, or potential clients. One of our favorite ways to do this is syncing a social calendar. We like Google Drive. All your company docs can be shared on Google Drive with multiple people. Gmail is great to keep your team in the know – especially if you utilize the calendar!

This can also help you stay connected with your community and find ways to give back. We like to connect with local artists and nonprofits while maintaining a good balance in our schedule.

gardening escape

Join The Escape Club

When it comes to building a successful, powerful business, you need to take breaks, or you’ll burn out quickly. This goes along with being mindful and paying attention to your wellness.

Ways to Escape:

  • Get involved in something spiritual – Go to church, meditate, or journal.
  • Take a class – Learn yoga, painting, pottery, martial arts, gardening – anything that fuels a passion and gets your mind out of business mode.
  • Volunteer in the community – Help out at the local animal shelter, feed the homeless, or donate time to a cause you care about. These are great ways to get your mind away from your business and give back.
  • Hire professional creative help – Some people are not passionate about creative tasks and need experts to take the away the stress.

We want to make designing a unique brand easy for you. From Oklahoma web design, content writing, logo design, and everything in between, the myheartcreative team will help build your brand.


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