You Are A Blessing

Recently I designed a party invitation for an Oklahoma City based company, Suzi Homemaker Cleaning Service. Before we started on the invitation design it became apparent that the company needed a logo!

The logo was designed with a retro and nostalgic feel which works nicely with the business name. The logo, although a detailed design, can work in any color and will look great on any media.



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The owners wanted to throw their clients a party to show them how much they appreciate their business. The theme was holiday fun and the headline “You Are a Blessing”. The invitation was warm and inviting. The bright pink and glowing background made the invitation feel special and exciting! The design also included customized typography for the headline and the invitation text. Imagine opening up such a special invitation in the mail. I know I’d feel appreciated.

Everyone loved the design and the party was a hit. Suzi Homemaker’s clients really seemed to enjoy the party.