Happy new year! We hope 2014 was a good year for you.



I can proudly say we have come a long way this year. We’ve been slowly growing our business and developing a foundation for this year since 2010. In 2014 we officially launched our first babywearing product in June and our Oklahoma design studio in August. Here are some highlights of what myheartcreative accomplished this year:

Product design:

  • 2 amazing baby ring sling product lines launched
  • online store up and running
  • products sold in 2 Oklahoma retail stores
  • products sold in 11 retail stores in 8 US States
  • gave over $2,000 in baby ring slings to individuals and donations to Lift Me Up, Baby wearing to Thrive
  • 3 seamstresses joined team
  • year end giving included 2 baby ring slings to 2 families with special needs children with our Baby Shower in a Box made possible through local businesses and friends partnering with our giving vision

Graphic design:

  • 21 clients in 3 US States with a global reach to 29 countries
  • gave over $5,000 in design services to non-profit organizations
  • 2 designers and 3 web developers joined team
  • dedicated office space complete with two work stations, meeting space, and patio

All this to say we worked hard in 2014. We built relationships with each of you and in 2015 we are dedicated to do just that and more. It’s our core values that hold us accountable and push us to do better.

  1. Always do what’s right – We will always do what is right even if it ends in a loss for us. We want to make sure everyone we service or come in contact with is assured by this core value. We’re proud to be God honoring through this first core value.
  2. Do more with less – We believe in the potential of every individual, organization, and company – big or small. That’s why we work hard to make sure our small business runs debt free. Our overhead expenses are kept to a minimum and we make wise financial decisions so that we keep our prices competitive and our projects far-reaching.
  3. Have a craftsman’s attitude – We are teachable. We love to learn. Doing so allows us to be more creative in everything we do. As we create we pay attention to the smallest details and believe the best designs, for our customers, clients, and for myheartcreative, are brought out through perfecting the details.
  4. Deliver unmatched service – We believe in excellence, and the service or product we provide will be nothing short of that. We’re reachable by phone, email, or meeting. We follow through with client request and answer our customers questions. We do our best so our clients know they’re getting the best. We just won’t have it any other way.
  5. Never let it slide – We believe in these values and do not want to see the roots of our company weaken as we grow. We are not afraid to make big decisions, tackle tough obstacles, or to push our industries, but in all this our foundation will remain unmoved.



This new year we look forward to strengthening our relationships with our current clients, team, local retail stores, our business connections, and of course our future clients.

We have set new goals for 2015 both in product design and for our graphic designs. To name a few – we’ll be introducing our newly branded Webvis CMS, offering unlimited hosting features, easy to use online e-commerce inventory management capabilities, and galleries with drag and drop uploads. Soon we will launch our first Fortune 100 Company client website. We’ll also be adding a few more product lines that have been in the works. We will increase our giving and will strive to double our clients – to double our impact!

So here’s to the new year! We wish you and yours a joyful and prosperous new year. Let’s do this – work with us.



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