A Teacher’s Work Is Never Done

With over 3,500 murals throughout Oklahoma, Canada, Mexico, and Europe and 40 years of teaching at UCO, Dr. Bob Palmer is a fixture of Oklahoma’s artistic landscape. After retiring from UCO in 2014, he chose to continue his career with Palmer Studios, Inc., creating murals and unique paintings. We are thrilled to showcase his work at our OKC web design studio through the end of the year, particularly because he taught Amy in college.

Dr. Bob Palmer and Amy Samuel

Why Art?

Dr. Palmer explains that he always wanted to be an artist, specifically someone “who made a living as an artist.” He managed to meet this goal, “even to the point where that income is surpassing full professorship.” Dr. Palmer encourages other people to follow their own dreams of creating art as a full-time job.

What Inspires?

Dr. Palmer works in various styles and mediums to create his stunning, inspirational pieces. He explains, “Some of my inspiration comes from nature.” You can easily see this inspiration in many of his paintings throughout our studio.

Dr. Palmer, however, does not limit himself to nature. He also explains that inspiration “comes from non-inspirational things like what I already have in the way of materials. Some of it comes from the challenges I give myself.” After decades of work, it seems that Dr. Palmer will not be running out of ideas anytime soon. After years of painting and teaching, Dr. Palmer is still going strong. He explains, “The fun for me (in this collection) was in the creation, not the finished pieces.”

Something for Everyone

Whether you enjoy abstract, mixed mediums, or realist paintings, you are sure to find something you love in this collection. You can also get a head start on your holiday shopping, and these striking pieces are in need of good homes.

Many of Dr. Palmer’s pieces are in our lobby, and you can stop by and enjoy them whenever our building is open. Please make an appointment if you would like to view any work inside our studio. Of course, any clients who come in for OKC web design, logo design OKC, or digital marketing OKC meetings will be able to view the full collection.