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Jan 10, 2017 | Art, Clients, Community, Creative, Design, Design Studio, Designers, Featured Artist, Networking

What drives creativity?

At myheartcreative, we are fueled by creativity (and maybe a little coffee). In fact, there would be no myheartcreative without either. What began as a personal blog has grown by leaps and bounds into a thriving, purpose-driven company that allows us to do what we love every day; be creative.


When not busy designing our natural baby products, we spend our time creating beautiful logos, websites and imagery for our clients. But, it’s not always business as usual, we also think it’s important to give back to the world and support our local communities, especially our fellow creatives.

We encounter loads of talented people in our line of work. From clients to those we meet at trade shows or while networking, there’s no shortage of amazing creatives out there. We find a little inspiration and motivation in each and every one of them. But sometimes the most inspiring and creative people we run across are people we already know.

Case in point, Brandi Downham, a local Oklahoma artist that Amy has known since the third grade. (So, that’s just a few years, right?)

enliven2 up close

congruence mixed media

Brandi is the type of artist that gives new meaning to the phrase art imitating life. Her works are deeply personal, each one reflecting a memory of a life experience. For her, creativity is driven by her desire for healing and growth. Layers of materials are added to her pieces in order to achieve this. You’ll find anything from personal photographs and journal entries to architectural elements like blue prints, arrows and numbers. Some have words lightly incorporated, meant to further emote the feelings and meaning behind the work. Each of these details are deliberately chosen and come together to manifest a personal investigation with space and structure.

ill carry you

A multi-media artist with an emphasis on painting, Brandi has a BFA from the University of Central Oklahoma and has enjoyed showing her works at several galleries and museums. Not everything she does is motivated by her own personal experiences, however; she’s also available for commissioned works, which brings her keen artistic style to your home or office. Through an onsite visit and a series of questions, Brandi creates art suitable to her client’s taste in as little as three weeks. Each piece comes with a formal Artist Statement for authentication. How cool is that?

conference room wall

bird chair

i love you mixed media

keep in my heart

We think it’s more than cool and we think Brandi’s art greatly improves the look and feel of any wall that it adorns. Just look at our office walls!

back door entryway

See one you like? They’re available for purchase – ask us!

Blessed is how we describe the opportunity to display Brandi’s work. These dynamic pieces serve as daily reminders to stay true to yourself and what you have to offer the world. We feel they also help us live out our values.

Regardless of what drives your creativity, don’t be afraid to explore it and share the results with the world; you never know whose life you could change just by being you.

Check out our creativity brought to life through our amazing web design, print and logo design. See what people are saying about myheartcreative!

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