Everyone at our Oklahoma web-design studio finds inspiration in all things creative, which is part of the reason why we love supporting local, Oklahoma artists. Recently, Mycah Higley installed her impressive artwork in our studio. Each piece draws the viewer in and evokes a personal, contemplative response.

About Mycah

Mycah has always loved and created art, even though she had childhood ambitions to become an archaeologist or astronaut. She eventually chose the profession she “enjoyed most: art”.

mycah an artistic view

Along with creating beautiful pieces of art, Mycah loves spending time in nature and with her pets.

About the Collection

sweetwater drawing art piece an artistic view

Her current collection is Crumbling: A Study of People. At first viewing, you are impressed by the color and texture of the natural shapes. Mycah explains that the pieces are “inspired by the physicality of social situations. In this series, I portray different social scenarios (i.e., parties, friendships, family time) using organic forms that interact and model my personal feelings within those spaces, whether good or bad.”


the artist hanging up work an artistic view

Mycah went through a personal change while working on this collection. “This series has made me more patient with people I disagree with. It has forced me to meditate on all of the things that make up a person: their beliefs, history, choices, family, friends, events, mistakes, accomplishments, etc.” She hopes that people who view her work have a similar experience and “take away an appreciation for the individual and a new will to understand others.”

If you want to see Mycah’s art for yourself, please stop by the studio. Remember, it’s Valentine’s Day, and you can get an amazing gift for your sweetheart. You should also follow her on her Instagram to keep up with her latest work and see some cute animal pictures.


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